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ASAP Rocky’s Net Worth in 2023

ASAP Rocky’s Net Worth is $25 Million

A$AP Rocky—real name Rakim Mayers—is a game changer in the hip-hop world. His beats, his threads, and his energy all coalesce into one career that was Rocky’s ticket to fame.

He was born in Harlem, and hit the ground running in music. You could argue he hasn’t stopped running, continually breaking new ground with his art, exploring various business opportunities, and starting a family with another who knows a thing or two about amassing an empire (but we’ll get to her).

So, what’s his net worth? As of 2023, Rocky’s sitting on $25 million. That’s a pretty loaded number for a Harlem kid who started spittin’ rhymes at the age of eight. But it takes more than an early start to amass millions. So, how did he do it? Read on…

NameRakim Athelaston Mayers
ProfessionRapper, Record Producer, Songwriter, and Actor
Net Worth$25 million
BirthplaceHarlem, New York, USA
BirthdayOctober 3, 1988 (Libra)
Height5 ft. 10 in. (178 cm)
Relationship StatusIn a relationship (with Rihanna)

A Glimpse into A$AP Rocky’s Early Life and Musical Breakthrough

Peek into the origin story of A$AP Rocky, and you’ll find Rakim Athelston Mayers, a kid from Harlem born on October 3, 1988. His dad hailed from Barbados and his mom worked at a homeless shelter, while his elder brother stoked his love for hip hop. Rakim underwent some tough times early on in his life when his father was sent to jail for dealing drugs; his brother, meanwhile, such a huge influence on Rocky, was killed when the future rapper was only 13.

The tough childhood and the rhythm of NYC streets led him to start rapping when he was just eight. The love for music his bro had stirred up in him grew into a passion, and by the time he hit his teens, Rocky had found the spotlight. That’s when he started his epic climb to hip-hop awesomeness.

Rocky’s big break came when he dropped his debut mixtape Live. Love. A$AP in 2011, bringing out bomb tracks like “Purple Swag” and “Peso”. The mixtape attracted the attention of record labels, one of which—Polo Grounds Music—saw enough in young Rocky to offer him a contract. He landed a cool $3-million deal with the Sony/RCA imprint, ensuring his status as a high-rising hip-hop star.

From Beats to Bills: A$AP Rocky’s Revenue from Music

Ever since his first mixtape took over the internet, ASAP Rocky’s fame—and bank account—has skyrocketed. You could say Rocky’s debut album in 2013, Long. Live. A$AP, was his jackpot, scoring him a ton of awards, critical praise, and sales.

So where does Rocky’s cash come from? From everywhere: album sales, gigs, streaming royalties, you name it. While we can’t get our hands on all the details of his music money, if that first contract he signed with Sony/RCA is anything to go by, he has more than a few bucks to his name—and that’s before we even look at his chart-topping singles and hit albums.

But let’s not forget about his killer concerts and performances, too. He knows how to put on a show, and that’s reflected in ticket sales. With his rad performances at music festivals and on his world tours, Rocky has been racking up the dough.

Rocking the Game Beyond Music: A$AP Rocky’s Alternative Revenue Streams

Music may be where we all know A$AP Rocky from, but it’s certainly not the only thing filling up his bank account. This man knows the deal—it’s all about that diverse money flow. He’s been putting his smart business mind to use and crushing it in industries that reflect his own creative vibe. All these smart moves are seriously boosting his overall net worth.

First up is his killer fashion label, AWGE. He kicked off AWGE in 2017 and since then, he’s been cranking out limited-edition gear in collabs with big-name brands like GUESS. This stylish side hustle has been seriously padding his wallet, mixing Rocky’s killer taste in fashion with money moves. Plus, back in 2013, he and A$AP Mob co-founder A$AP Bari launched his A$AP merchandise brand, cementing his reputation in the fashion world.

And let’s not forget about his 2017 partnership with athletics wear label Under Armour. In Rocky, UA gets a solid name not only in rap but in fashion, while Rocky is able to better kids’ lives, such was the nature of their deal, a “shared desire to positively impact the lives of youths in underserved communities is bringing Rocky and Under Armour together to build a series of philanthropic community-based programs and to develop new products.”

But Rocky wasn’t content with just conquering the fashion world. He dove headfirst into the tech industry as well. He dropped some dough into Genies, an app that lets you devise your own avatar, and was valued at $10M in 2018, just proving again that this guy’s got serious business chops.

In 2021, Rocky buddied up with Swedish financial company Klarna and even got to play CEO for a day. Not only did he walk away with a piece of the company, but he also vowed to give 1% of his investment to the Miti Alliance in Kenya to help fight against climate change. Talk about a baller move—making money and making a difference at the same time.

Putting the $ in A$AP: Rocky’s Possessions and Charity Work

What does Rocky have to show for all his hard work? Super swanky stuff and a collection of sick wheels worth over a million bucks, that’s what! He even has a deal with Mercedes-Benz to release fashion items via PacSun, so clearly, autos are more than just a means of getting from point A to B for Rocky. His garage includes fancy rides like a $266,000 Ferrari 488 GTB and a $194,000 Lamborghini Gallado .

But Rocky understands giving back is just as major as living large. You can see his depth through his charity work, aimed at helping out the people in his old stomping grounds of Harlem. Last year, he dropped 120 meals at a NYC homeless shelter where he and his mom used to stay back in the early 2000s. Actions like these show he’s never forgotten his roots.

Behind the Curtains: A$AP Rocky’s Personal Life

When it comes to his dating life, Rocky’s made some waves. The ladies whose company he has enjoyed include Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea back in 2011–2012, and even a quick engagement to model Chanel Iman in 2014. But everything amped up in 2021 when he revealed that pop superstar Rihanna was his main squeeze, even going so far as to call her his soulmate.

RiRi and Rocky welcomed their baby boy, RZA, in May 2022. And guess what, Rocky’s digging daddy duties, saying it’s beautiful and gives him the freedom to do his own thing. And yep, baby RZA’s name is a shout-out to Wu-Tang Clan’s main man, RZA.

The Rocky Road: Major Events in A$AP’s Life

Starting his music journey, Rocky dabbled with the hustle of drugs from early on, landing him a two-week jail stint in 2006. But that wasn’t his last waltz with the law, though.

In 2012, Rocky was slapped with a lawsuit by Shenick Alcine. Alcine accused Rocky of assaulting him after he snuck a peek at Rocky getting high in a NY shop. The saga continued, with Rocky getting nabbed for taking a swing at a pair of paparazzi snapping pics of the incident.

This brings us to one of Rocky’s biggest legal dramas in 2019, when he got arrested for assault in Stockholm, Sweden. Rocky got mixed up in some street spat with a couple of men and ended up with a suspended prison sentence and a fine.

And how can we forget his most recent show-stopper: his arrest on April 20, 2022? This time, Rocky was in hot water for potentially assaulting someone with a deadly weapon, all tied back to an incident from 2021. He was released on bond while the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office reviews the case.