DJ Khaled’s Net Worth in 2023: A Multi-Talented Phenomenon

DJ Khaled is Worth $78 Million

Picture this: you’re driving, and over the radio comes DJ Khaled’s booming voice, dropping his iconic lines, “Another One!” and “We the Best!”. Yeah, we all know that voice. DJ Khaled has been slaying the game for years now, but there’s so much more to this guy than his top-charting hits.

As of 2023, he has racked up a $78-million net worth, though is more than just a money-making machine. He spins records behind the DJ deck and on the radio, produces his own beats, executive-produces other artists’ music, writes songs and even spits some bars himself. His wealth is the scoreboard of a career built on unshakable belief, unrelenting grit and a whole lot of unique flavor.

So, strap in as we take you through an unforgettable tour of DJ Khaled’s extraordinary life—his climb to fame, the hustles that keep that cash flow coming, his enviable whips, his private world, and those incredible moments on his path to greatness.

NameKhaled Mohamed Khaled
ProfessionDJ, Producer, Songwriter, Rapper
Net Worth$78 million
BirthplaceNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
BirthdayNovember 26, 1975 (Sagittarius)
Height5’7″ (169 cm)
Relationship statusMarried

Palestine & Pirate Radio: Khaled’s early career and breakthrough

This story begins in 1975. DJ Khaled, the son of Palestinian immigrants, was born and raised in New Orleans. It didn’t take long for him to develop a passion for beats. As early as 13, he’s in his garage, geeking out on his keyboard, turntables, and records like it’s his personal playground.

His grind was no fairy tale. Often broke, facing hardships and challenges, Khaled was still out there, hustling DJ gigs wherever he could. He eventually landed a job at a Caribbean pirate radio station, Mixx96, where he would often spend the night.

After relentless grafting, a 22-year-old Khaled finally got his break. He scored a Friday-night gig on Miami’s 99 Jamz and later, a regular gig at Miami’s Rockers Island. His word was hitting the streets, and eventually, he got the dream call to DJ live for hip-hop crew Terror Squad.

Spinnin’ & Recordin’: Khaled’s primary income

DJ Khaled didn’t just become a world-famous DJ and music producer overnight. Rather, he hustled his way to the top—and it shows in his bank account. By 2023, he’s estimated to be raking in a sweet $35 million a year.

How? For starters, the guy’s pretty much always booked up as a DJ, commanding $200K for a booking. As for his concert tickets? His die-hard fans won’t blink at coughing up a cool $80 a pop. And let’s not forget, he charges a sizable $150K for lending his skills on features.

That’s not all though. Khaled doesn’t just play music, he makes it, too. And those tracks also bring in the cash. He’s churned out plenty of platinum hits, which keep bolstering his net worth with record sales and royalties.

Riding high, Khaled dropped his debut album, Listennn… the Album, which hit the Billboard 200 at No. 12. His releases were relentless, including the 2008 single “Go Hard”, a collab with Kanye West and T-Pain that went platinum. These chart feats would go some ways to earning him “DJ of the Year” honors at both the BET Hip Hop Awards and Ozone Awards that year.

2009 rolled around and Khaled’s hustle was rewarded big time. He was appointed president of Def Jam South. DJ Khaled had marked his territory.

Home Green Home: Khaled’s other revenue streams

DJ Khaled is more than a DJ. He’s more than a recording artist, even.

Swooping in on the furniture trend in 2018, Khaled released his own swanky line We The Best Home. Using his own crib as the canvas, Khaled’s lush and lavish line is another pocket-filler, not to mention it gives his business empire a touch of class.

Our main man’s also got green fingers, so to speak. In 2020, he joined forces with Endexx Corporation to cash in on the ever-growing weed industry. Business is booming, with projections of sales between $35.9 million and a mind-blowing $430.8 million over the next 5 years.

‘The Best’ Properties: Khaled’s notable possessions and philanthropy

DJ Khaled knows how to live it up. He is one of hip hop’s most prolific Instagram users and here’s why: chandeliers that could hang in a museum, luxe Egyptian cotton sheets, and foodie-worthy feasts. And don’t even get me started on the unbelievable digs this guy calls home.

In 2016, DJ Khaled snagged a $9.9-million mansion from British crooner Robbie Williams. This 10,681-square-foot dream home is nestled in swanky Beverly Hills’ Mulholland Estates, a neighborhood shared with glam stars like Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera. Its wrought-iron gate is draped in perfectly manicured hedges.

He then splurged on a $25.9-million mansion in Miami Beach in 2018. It’s got an 80-foot pool, a two-story gazebo, a home theater, an outdoor shower, and a fireplace for the most epic parties. With five bedrooms in the main house and an extra four in the guesthouse, there’s room for all.

The same year, Khaled teamed up with a cool boutique developer, Confluent Development, and NBA star Luol Deng to invest in a place in the North Sea area of Southampton, New York. Seriously though, can DJ Khaled’s eye for real estate be any sharper?

DJ Khaled can often be seen in his Maybach, Cadillac Escalade, Rolls Royce Wrath. He is also an avid private jet flyer. He has become increasingly involved in the world of golf in recent years. He has embraced the sport and is on a mission to break down barriers and make golf more diverse and accessible to people of all backgrounds.

Along with his fly lifestyle, DJ Khaled has a heart of gold. In 2018, he founded the We The Best Foundation, set on making the world a better place for the next gen through music, culture, and education. When the pandemic hit in 2020, his foundation rose to the challenge, donating over 10,000 masks, gloves, and lots of PPE kits to healthcare heroes.

Making Mini-DJs: Khaled’s personal life

In the throwback ’90s, DJ Khaled locked eyes with Nicole Tuck, the woman who would soon share his life. After years of being by each other’s side, they made it official with a cool, private engagement in 2016. Nicole was also rocking her own hustle with her clothing line, ABU, standing for Always Be U, and making a power couple of her and her husband (the line is no longer active). They’ve now got two awesome mini-DJs: Asahd Tuck Khaled (born in October 2016) and Aalam Tuck Khaled (born in January 2020).

Taking stock: Controversies in Khaled’s life

In 2014, Khaled got into a legal entanglement with Entertainment One (or eOne), his old record label. DJ Khaled Productions took them to court, accusing them of breaking their contract, unjustly hoarding profits, and not coughing up the $1-million royalties he was due across four albums released between 2006 and 2010.

A fresher scandal went down in 2018 when the Securities Exchange Commission—the SEC—charged Khaled for not mentioning a $50,000 payment from a company he praised on social media, Centra Tech, hailing them as a “game changer.” To close the curtains on the charges without admitting any guilt or accepting the SEC’s findings, Khaled agreed to fork out $50,000 to give back his fee, a penalty of $100,000, and $2,725 in interest. And he agreed to take a two-year break from promoting any kind of stocks or digital securities.