London, United Kingdom- February 18, 2020: Hailee Steinfeld attends the Brit Awards at the 02 Arena in London, UK

Hailee Steinfeld’s Net Worth in 2023

Hailee Steinfeld’s Net Worth is $22 Million

Hailee Steinfeld is not just the remarkable actress and killer singer you know from your favorite films and playlists. She’s used her talent to amalgamate a net worth of $22 million in 2023. But how did this queen become a mogul?

Hailee came into this world in Tarzana, California, and has been rocking our world for over a decade. From an early age, she grabbed Hollywood by the collar and commanded attention with her talent and charm. As Mattie Ross in True Grit, Hailee’s career took off and the coins started stacking up.

She didn’t stop there, though. With her never-quit attitude and commitment, she has dominated both the movie screens and the music charts. Each award-worthy performance and hit song just adds another jewel to her crown.

NameHailee Caribe Steinfeld
ProfessionActress, Singer
Net Worth$22 million
BirthplaceTarzana, California, USA
BirthdayDecember 11, 1996 (Sagittarius)
Height5 ft. 6 in. (168 cm)
Relationship statusSingle

From a Californian Childhood to the Heart of Hollywood: Hailee’s Rise to Stardom

Hailee Steinfeld was born on December 11, 1996, in Tarzana, Los Angeles. It didn’t take long for her to find the Hollywood limelight that was on her doorstep. She got her start in acting when she was just a fresh-faced 12-year-old with a dream and skills that belied her age.

Raised amid the arts, Hailee seized any chance to get in front of a camera, from short films to her first full-length feature. That debut came when she played Talia Alden in She’s a Fox. Her natural ability made her one to watch.

But it was in 2010 when Hailee really broke through with her role in True Grit, working alongside big Hollywood names like Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin, and Matt Damon. It was this standout performance as the brave Mattie Ross that earned her a ticket to the Academy Awards, nominated for Best Supporting Actress. It was now Hailee’s time to shine.

A Stellar Career: Unraveling Hailee Steinfeld’s Earnings

Her career sped up. In fact, Hailee had to hit pause on her career for a brief moment before jumping back onto the big screen in 2013 with two major roles: the iconic Juliet in Romeo & Juliet, and Petra Arkanian in Ender’s Game. 

Hailee’s talents go beyond the big screen though. Her turn as a student with dreams of a music career in Pitch Perfect 2 led to reality mirroring art. She signed to Republic Records in 2015 and released singles “Love Myself” and “Let Me Go.” Even if we can’t get our hands on the exact numbers, it’s clear her music career is blossoming nicely.

And let’s not forget her latest gig, playing the cool Kate Bishop in Marvel’s Hawkeye on Disney Plus. With the Marvel name and all those Disney Plus subscribers, we’re guessing her paychecks are more than respectable.

Treasures beyond Tinseltown: Steinfeld’s Alternative Revenue Streams

Moving beyond acting and singing, Steinfeld has tried her hand at business by investing in Prive Revaux. It’s a glasses company that sells directly to customers. This move lets her cash in on the profitable glasses market, which doesn’t seem to be dissipating. As a result, Hailee stands to make serious coin when the sales are coming in.

Not to mention, she hit the jackpot when she joined forces with Mission (you might know them by their old name, Mission Athletecare). She’s the face of their women’s workout clothes line, which means she not only gets exposure, but profits from the deal.

These side hustles aren’t just inflating Steinfeld’s bank account, they’re shaping how we see her, too. She doesn’t just sit back and watch the money come in, she’s hunting for the next big thing to invest in. She’s showing off her smarts when it comes to money matters and proving that she’s not simply sticking to the entertainment scene.

Hailee’s Material Marvels and Charitable Contributions

Let’s focus on real estate first. Hailee’s got herself quite the swanky setup—an $8-million mansion in the fancy neighborhood of Encino, Los Angeles. Hailee moved in in November 2021, taking it over from CCR singer John Fogerty.

Her high-concept lifestyle doesn’t stop at home. Hailee’s also known to hit the road in the slickest rides. An Audi A4, a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, a Range Rover Vogue, and a Mercedes-Benz Viano—all part of her eye-popping car collection.

While her life screams luxury, our girl Hailee isn’t just about living large, she’s also about giving big. At just 14, she threw her weight behind ‘No Kid Hungry’ to help wipe out kid hunger in the U.S. She’s also been a brand ambassador, helping sell T-shirts for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She rocked a hot pink number for a Breast Cancer Research Foundation event in 2014, proving that she will do whatever she can to raise awareness.

Hailee’s Life Beyond the Limelight

Hailee’s mother Cheri makes our dream homes come true with her interior designing genius, while her dad Peter works as a fitness trainer. Rounding out the family are Hailee’s brother Griffin and uncle Jake Steinfeld, who’s an actor and personal trainer. Hailee’s family is like a cultural kaleidoscope, with her dad’s Ashkenazi Jewish heritage and her mom’s mix of Filipino, African-American, British Isles, and German ancestry. Perhaps it’s this rich ethnic background that is at the heart of Hailee’s broad global appeal.

As for her education, being a child star usually leads to unstable academics. Hailee’s parents came up with the solution of homeschooling her since 2008. She also had a bit of a tough time with bullying in conventional schooling, so much so that she decided to skip the regular school scene entirely. Despite the change in agenda, she celebrated her high school graduation right, with an epic surprise party that had Hollywood’s finest turning up.

Now, let’s talk romance. Hailee set the rumor mill on fire when she was dating Niall Horan from One Direction but the love story sadly ended sooner than we expected, being unable to survive the demands of her bustling career and the reality of spending loads of time apart. Since then, she’s been living her best single life, away from the stalking cameras of the paparazzi.

Navigating through Controversies and Challenges: Hailee Steinfeld’s Resilience

In September 2019 Hailee’s Twitter went haywire, the work of a hacker who posted fake—not to mention, nasty—news about Hailee. But before the rumor mill could even heat up, it was quickly called out as a hoax. The fake tweets were scratched, Hailee confirmed the hack and sent a hearty, relieved message of gratitude to her fan base for their support.

Then there were the whispers about her love life. After her split with Niall Horan, Steinfeld shared some posts about narcissism by Julia Michaels on Instagram. Naturally, fans were quick to assume she was throwing shade at her ex. But Hailee squashed those rumors, saying she was just intrigued by the post, no hidden messages or agendas.