Harrison Ford standing in front of a building wearing a suit

Beyond Hollywood: Harrison Ford’s Unstarring Role in Philanthropy

Not satisfied with merely playing a hero on screen, Harrison Ford has dedicated a portion of his personal life towards charity and goodwill. And while he cannot fly under his own volition, he can pilot vehicles like his helicopter, which he has used to benefit the world. In one such instance, Harrison flew volunteers and medical supplies to Haiti to combat to aid those suffering from the country’s earthquake in 2010. Also owing Air Ford a huge debt of gratitude are a woman who was stranded on a mountain and a teenage boy lost in Yellowstone National Park.

He continues to do his part amid the clouds by serving as an “airborne watchdog” for Riverkeeper, an environmental group that counts on the actor to patrol the Hudson River in New York and report polluters and other toxic ne’er-do-wells. So effective was he in his modern-day Millennium Falcon that he was awarded a Lindbergh Award, though we doubt he received it from the hands of a princess–turned–general with a Wookiee by his side. Once the medals have been awarded, it’s back up in the air for Harrison—this time as an educator. He serves as an honorary chairman of the Young Eagles, taking underprivileged kids for a ride to afford them an opportunity to learn more about nature and the world around them (and, for the duration of the trip, below them). Harrison cares deeply for the environment, having joined Conservation International in 1991, and going on to serve as a board member and vice chairman for the research group.

When he’s not flying around saving lives, Harrison is a dedicated supporter of a plethora of charities including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Elton John AIDS Foundation, and Oceana, though the time span of his involvement and the degree to which he is involved is unknown.

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