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Howard Stern’s Net Worth in 2023

Howard Stern’s Net Worth is $700 Million

As a radio host, Howard Stern spends most of his time asking other celebrities questions about their career and lifestyle. Well, read on if you’ve ever been curious about HIS career and lifestyle. Not interested? Perhaps I can tempt you by pointing out that, as of 2023, Stern has racked up a mind-blowing $700 million to his name, making him one of media’s big money players. Using his magnetic personality, wild stunts and no-BS style, this pro shook up the radio game and won over listeners all around the U.S. But how on earth did he jump from radio nerd to mega-rich media mogul? And just how flashy is life when you’re rolling in dough, both on and off the job?

We’re going to unpack Stern’s enormous wealth, dollar by shiny dollar. We’ll look at what’s going on behind the scenes at the radio station, explore every corner of Stern’s fancy real estate, and take a ride through his outrageously fancy car stash. We’ll also take a sneak peek at the real Stern: his life away from the studio, his kind deeds, and the “Eureka!” moments that blasted him to fame. So get dialed in as we uncover the net worth of Howard Stern.

NameHoward Allan Stern
ProfessionRadio Personality, Television Host, Author
Net Worth$700 Million
BirthplaceJackson Heights, New York, USA
BirthdayJanuary 12, 1954 (Capricorn)
Height6 ft. 5 in. (196 cm)
Relationship statusMarried (to Beth Ostrosky)

The Birth of a Star: Howard Stern’s Early Life and Breakthrough

Howard Allan Stern was born January 12, 1954, in Queens, New York—Jackson Heights to be exact. His dad Bernard Stern was in the business making cartoons and commercials, while his mom, Rae Stern, was an inhalation therapist (i.e., she helped those who had difficulty breathing). Growing up, Howard’s house was full of creativity, and it’s fair to say, it rubbed off on him.

Even as a kid, Howard was all about that radio life. He turned down acceptance to Elmira College to study speech pathology and took his wicked sense of humor on a bus to Boston University to study communications. That’s where his epic journey to become Mr. Radio kicked off.

In 1975, Stern landed his first radio gig at WCCC-FM, a rock station in Hartford, where he started sharpening his unique, biting wit—a trait that would contribute to his becoming the King of All Media further down the road.

Things didn’t really start popping for Stern until the mid-’80s, though. After years of pushing boundaries and racking up fines, Stern finally made it to the Big Apple, landing a gig at WNBC in 1982. Stern proved too controversial for the mainstream station and was let go in 1985. Don’t worry about Howard, though, he landed on his feet at another NYC station, WXRK. Within a year his morning show went syndicated and would entertain 20 million listeners with his honesty, humor, and antics. Howard would spend 20 years at WXRK. After a sojourn in television, he made the move to satellite radio.

Turning Airwaves into Gold: Howard Stern’s Radio Earnings

Howard Stern has accumulated some serious cash from his radio gig. His deal with Sirius Satellite Radio has been a big part of keeping his wallet fat.

In 2004, Sirius Satellite Radio approached Stern with a lucrative deal. Stern, in turn, saw the possibilities of satellite radio and the freedom it presented a controversial DJ such as himself and made the switch. The result? A cool five-year contract that seriously boosted Sirius’s status. The payout for Stern? About $600 million. Both sides won. Stern was granted freedom (and millions of dollars) while Sirius benefited from getting into bed with a legitimate radio star.

But that wasn’t the end of Sirius and Stern’s partnership. Even after that fat contract, Stern has stuck with them, renewing his contract as recently as 2020. The details of the new deal are under wraps, but if it’s anything like the last one, Stern has probably raked in some major dough.

Diversifying the Dollars: Stern’s Income Beyond Radio

Howard Stern is not just a smooth talker on the radio. He has amassed wealth in more ways than one. Riding on the wave of his fame, Stern dipped his toes into different business ventures and bagged some big endorsement gigs. After all, they don’t call him the King of All Media for nothing.

Howard has written three memoirs, each one of them a bestseller. His first, Private Parts, popped up in 1993 and quickly climbed the New York Times bestsellers list. People found it so enthralling, it was made into a critically acclaimed movie. He dropped two more books, Miss America (1995) and Howard Stern Comes Again (2019), both of which have performed well.

Stern has also made a fortune through endorsements. He has been seen repping big brands like Burger King and 7-Eleven in 2023 and, we’re sure, turning a tidy profit for his efforts.

And let’s not forget about Stern’s time on the small screen. From 1994 to 2001, Stern’s on-screen persona was a TV hit, pocketing another hefty paycheck. His TV gig not only bumped up his wealth but also gave him an even larger audience.

Stern’s Notable Possessions and Charitable Efforts

Back in 2005, Stern got his hands on an epic 12,300 sq. ft. mansion in New York City (to cut down on his commute, we presume). Though we aren’t sure how much Stern paid for the property, it features lush interiors and breathtaking views, and, given its size and location, must have demanded quite the down payment.

From swinging pads to hot wheels, Stern’s ride collection includes a Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, McLaren 720S, Audi RS Q8, and a Volvo XC90.

Yes, those vehicles scream ‘style’ but Howard knows that it’s just as important (more so, even!) to give back. He’s been active on the charity front, with his heart and wallet supporting causes that matter to him—Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation, Janie’s Fund, and the North Shore Animal League.

A Peek Behind The Curtain: Howard Stern’s Private Life

Stern was first married to Alison Berns, who served as a social worker when they got married in 1978. They share over 20 years and three kids: Emily Beth (1983), Debra Jennifer (1986), and Ashley Jade (1993). He and Alison announced their amicable split in 1999.

Fast forward a few years, and Stern got back into the love game—this time with Beth Ostrosky, a TV personality, actress, and animal rights activist. They got engaged in 2007, and finally made it official a year later, in 2008.

Howard and Beth Stern photo

Rocking the Controversial Boat: Major Events in Howard Stern’s Life

Say Howard Stern and it instantly rings a bell of shock and controversy, right? Always in the crosshairs of the FCC, Stern’s managed to land himself in hot water more times than we can count, earning him a bunch of lawsuits and fat penalties along the way.

But as far as the radio industry is concerned, his biggest controversy centers upon his move away from the traditional format to set up shop in satellite broadcasting. In 2004, he inked a sweet five-year deal with Sirius Satellite Radio and changed the radio game forever.

And boy, was it a bumpy ride. Stern got slammed with extra scrutiny and fat fines from the FCC because of his colorful content upon making the leap to satellite. But the move nevertheless granted Stern free rein and heightened creative juice in his shows—something he couldn’t pull off under terrestrial radio’s strict leash. To add icing to the cake, his contract was worth $600 million. That’s a thick layer of icing!