Ice-T’s Net Worth in 2023

Ice-T’s Net Worth is $65 Million

Ice-T is the jack of all trades in the entertainment industry. From starting out as a progenitor of gangster rap to nailing acting gigs and boss-level business deals, this man’s talent is diverse. He has worked consistently for the last four decades, taking Hollywood by storm and extending his legacy beyond a few catchy phrases.

The total sum of his wild ride through the fame—his music, on-screen performances, and sharp business ventures—has reached a total net worth of $65 million. But it’s more than just a number; each dollar represents his journey with all its ups, downs, and crazy sideways jaunts.

NameTracy Lauren Marrow
ProfessionRapper, Actor, and Record Producer
Net Worth$65 million
BirthplaceNewark, New Jersey, USA
BirthdayFebruary 16, 1958 (Aquarius)
Height / Weight5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Relationship statusMarried (to Coco Austin)

From South Central Streets to Red Carpet Strides

Ice-T, or Tracy Lauren Marrow as his birth certificate reads, had a rough upbringing. He was orphaned by the time he entered seventh grade, with both parents dying of heart failure (his mother passing away four years before his father). After losing his father, Ice headed west, to L.A., to stay with his aunt who lived in the middle of South Central. Due to his new environment, young T ultimately found himself running with the West Side Rollin 30s Original Harlem Crips.

But, despite the madness, T found balance in music. In 1982, an eager Ice-T started making waves in the West Coast rap scene, throwing down with big names like Kid Frost and DJ Flash. Sparking the beginning of ‘gangsta’ rap, Ice-T’s gritty street tales grabbed people’s attention, and he started to make a name for himself.

Five years later, in 1987, T hit pay dirt. He released his first album Rhyme Pays, which had the honor of being the very first rap album to sport an “explicit content” sticker. Ice-T didn’t slow down; he followed up with Power and The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech… Just Watch What You Say, both of which got fan love, even winning approval from the East Coast scene.

Beyond being a rhyme dropper though, Ice-T had a knack for the silver screen. The acting bug bit him in 1984 with his part in the film Breakin’. Then, in 1991, he scored big with roles in New Jack City, Ricochet, and Trespass. He then made the move to television, securing a role on Law & Order: SVU in 2000 for its second season, thanks to his partnership with Dick Wolf, its creator (the two had previously worked together on New York Undercover, among other projects). Ice-T’s portrayal of Detective Tutuola marked a huge leap in his acting career, landing him a permanent spot on one of TV’s longest-lasting shows ever.

Not content to just rap or act, in ’92, Ice-T went full renaissance man and started his own band, Body Count. By entering the rock scene, T added another impressive accomplishment to his resume, proving he could morph his talents across different music styles.

Raking in the Big Bucks: Revenues from Primary Career

Beyond the rapper and rocker persona, there’s another side to Ice T: the talented actor. His gigs in these industries have helped him stack up a serious amount of dough. He kicked it off in the West Coast rap scene, making some serious waves. But then he shifted gears to rock and metal with his band, Body Count. The twist? It’s the acting jobs that have turned on the cash flow.

Ice-T has been crushing it on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, playing the role of Odafin “Fin” Tutuola. He’s carved out his piece of the Law & Order pie and is getting paid $250,000 an episode. Remember, he’s been at it since 2000, and with the show just getting renewed for its 25th season, you bet those dollar bills are seriously stacking up. That’s just a tiny part of Ice-T’s earnings from the show, as it doesn’t include the extra money drawn from syndication royalties. Whenever one of his 456 episodes airs, Ice gets a cut. It all adds up rather quickly.

Diversifying the Dollar: Alternative Revenue Sources

Ice-T might be a huge TV star with a consistent paycheck but he’s still out there, devising new ways to make money.

Let’s rewind to the late ’80s. Ice-T went beyond the rap game to own it. He founded his music label, Rhyme Syndicate Records. Thanks to some killer albums from rappers like Everlast and Donald D, he added a nice chunk of change to his bank account.

Later, in 2013, Ice-T didn’t shy away from the tech world. Joining forces with PodcastOne, he launched his own show, Ice T: Final Level. With this move, he not only added another feather to his cap but also another source of income.

And let’s not forget about his other gigs. Ice-T’s unique voice and ‘cool’ persona have made him a hit on the commercial scene. Ads in which he features have aired 104,859 times in the past month for big brands like GEICO, Tide, CarShield, and Cheerios. The man (or his voice) is everywhere!

Ice-T’s Big Buys and Benevolent Gestures

Ice-T’s garage is full of drool-worthy autos. The lineup includes a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Widebody, a Rolls-Royce Ghost, a Bentley Continental GT, a McLaren 720S, a Range Rover Sport SVR, and a Karma Revero in his arsenal.

The guy’s got more than just dreamy cars to his name though. He’s also tucked away with his wife Coco in this ultra-luxe condo in Edgewater, New Jersey—complete with a stunning view. This ritzy pad is definitely Ice-T flaunting his mega-success and high life.

Ice-T ain’t just about the bling and the big leagues though. He’s made a name for himself in the charity world as well. Together with fellow rapper Chubb Rock, he created the Male Awareness Foundation back in 2014. Their big focus? Cancer, early detection, and regular screenings. 

Behind the Scenes: Ice-T’s Personal Life

Like in his hip-hop career, Ice-T’s love life has seen its fair share of high points. He’s had three big loves in his life. The first was his high school sweetheart, Adrienne, who also happens to be the mother of his first daughter, LeTesha Marrow. Then he had a long, meaningful relationship with Darlene Ortiz, mother of his son, Tracy Marrow Jr.. Last, he fell head-over-heels for Coco Austin while on the set of a music video in 2001. The pair got hitched in Vegas very soon after and later welcomed their little girl, Chanel Nicole Marrow.

Encountering the Eye of the Storm: Major Events in Ice-T’s Life

Back in 2008, Ice stirred the pot, slamming Soulja Boy for “killing hip hop.” He even compared “Crank That” to garbage. You bet it sparked an online slugfest. A lot of digs thrown, a lot of salty videos made.

And who comes playing the peace-maker? None other than Kanye West, backing Soulja Boy’s track and crediting him for his bits to the rap game. These fiery feuds revealed the chills and grills of the rap scene, keeping Ice-T bang in the spotlight.

In 2018, he got indicted for not paying his toll at the George Washington Bridge EZ-Pass gate, all while cruising in his fresh McLaren. He dealt with the issue, but not before learning that fame can’t get you out of every bind.