Jenna Ortega Net Worth (2023)

Jenna Ortega’s Net Worth is $5 Million

Barely past nine years old, Jenna Ortega was nevertheless getting her name up in lights. By the time she was old enough to rent a car, Jenna had banked a serious fortune. She has proven to be a bright and shining gem in the star-studded world of Hollywood. And the crazy thing? She’s just getting started. Thanks to her killer performances in everything from Disney to Netflix, Jenna is sitting pretty with a net worth of $5 million.

Ortega’s story kicks off in sunny California, where she was born and raised, soaked in a mix of Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage. She got her acting chops at the ambitious age of 9. Look at her now though―she’s everywhere, and conquering everything! From dishing out laughs in comedy to sending shivers down spines in horror, this girl has got some serious range. And when she’s not ruling the screen, she’s been building bridges with big-name brands, adding even more fire to her rising stardom.

NameJenna Marie Ortega
Net Worth$5 million
BirthdaySeptember 27, 2002 (Libra)
NationalityAmerican of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent
Height5 ft. 1 in. (155 cm)
Relationship statusNot Disclosed

‘You’ Got It: Jenna’s Early Life and Breakthrough

Despite only being nine years old, Jenna didn’t waste any time figuring out what she wanted to do for a living. This Coachella Valley, Cali-born star was all in for the bright lights of Hollywood early on. Being the fourth sibling in a household of six would teach you something about standing out. And it’s pretty cool how she’s always been all about embracing her Mexican and Puerto Rican roots and making it big in showbiz off her own back.

While Hollywood wasn’t exactly begging for her autograph from the get go, Jenna didn’t let that stand in her way. With parents who were her biggest cheerleaders, Jenna was determined to prove that where there’s a will, there’s definitely a way. That way led her to Harley on Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle—that brainy mid-kid trying to find her spot among her six other siblings (we’re sure Jenna could relate). No kidding, it was her seriously impressive acting chops that started turning heads in the industry .

But she truly hit the jackpot when she played Ellie Alves in the Netflix series You. Though she appeared in only the show’s second season, she was a fan favorite, and hopes are high she returns to the series.

Wednesday’s Child: Jenna’s Primary Earnings

Jenna jump-started her career with Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle. She scored roles on Jane the Virgin and Richie Rich, which confirmed her as a force to be reckoned with, and undoubtedly came with respectable paychecks for a young actor.

When she transformed into her daring Ellie Alves persona on You and the bold Tara Carpenter in Scream, it not only sent her fame into the stratosphere but also boosted her bank balance. Although we’re left guessing the exact paycheck, we can bet it was a glorious sum.

She became a huge star, though, when she was offered the role of Wednesday Addams on Netflix’s Wednesday. Starring in such a cult series, backed by the one and only Tim Burton, must have been a pretty sweet deal, sure to add a decent chunk to Jenna’s net worth. Even though the precise dollar amount she bagged from the show remains a secret, we all know that actresses of Jenna’s caliber rake in hefty checks per episode in showstoppers like this.

Adi-dazzling: Jenna’s Alternate Revenues

Jenna Ortega has got more going on than just her killer acting skills—she knows how to keep the cash rolling in from several directions. Who wouldn’t when they’ve got amazing opportunities knocking from mega-brand collaborations that go way beyond just her paycheck from her acting gigs.

In February 2023, Jenna took on an exciting role beyond Hollywood. Adidas named her its brand ambassador. But that was not all! She also got to be the face of a new label—the first for Adidas in half a century! Though the specific dollar signs on this deal were kept hush-hush, we all know teaming up with such a top brand would have had a sweet revenue bump.

Still with the brand collaborations, Jenna rocked the skincare world too when she became an ambassador for Neutrogena in 2020. Starring in its ad campaigns, she became the face of the go-to skincare brand. No doubt this gig helped plump up her bank account.

Close to Home: Jenna’s Possessions and Philanthropy

Jenna Ortega loves to spend a pretty penny or two, especially when it comes to her sweet rides. Her garage is like a fancy car exhibit with a Mercedes-Benz E-Class, a BMW M235i, and an Audi Q3 all parked there. Each one comes with a jaw-dropping price tag, but for Jenna, it’s all about having top-notch, luxury items.

Jenna doesn’t just spend money, she donates it, along with her time and efforts. For starters, she’s a staunch advocate for UNAIDS and definitely puts her money where her mouth is. This is a cause that hits close to home for her after losing her beloved grandfather to AIDS.

She said in 2017, “I want to help eliminate the stigma of AIDS and get people talking about it. Make it normal, bring it up. It’s a disease that affects all of us.” 

A Super-Sized Family: Jenna’s Personal Life

On-screen, Jenna Ortega lights up the frame. But guess what? Her off-screen life is just as attention-grabbing. She was born and bred in Cali’s Coachella Valley, packing a fierce combo of Mexican and Puerto Rican roots. Her father, Edward Ortega, is a Mexican-descent business tycoon, and mamma Natalie Ortega is Mexican and Puerto Rican by blood and a nurse by choice. Jenna’s life was all sibling chaos and family love, being the fourth child in a super-sized family. Seriously, it’s like “Stuck in the Middle” was her life’s trailer.

Assuming a full-time career when she was barely past the playing-with-dolls phase, Jenna had a life that was far from ordinary. Imagine being homeschooled while your peers hung out at lockers. Though she became a Disney darling, part of her does sigh at the thought of missing out on rites of passage like prom night and the gown and tassel spectacle of graduation.

What’s so cool about Jenna is that she used her roots to inspire her roles. She’s bilingual and flaunts it on-screen. Whether playing a mini Gina Rodriguez on Jane the Virgin, or endearing us to her as the sassy little sis to a Latina princess in Elena of Avalor, she shines.

Now, if you’re wondering if she’s single, let me tell you, the girl is as guarded as Fort Knox when it comes to her love life. Jenna Ortega is the full package – a gifted actress, smart with her money, confident in who she is, and a pro at navigating the fishbowl life of Hollywood.

A Controversial Dance: Jenna’s Controversies

But even pros have a bad game every now and then. Jenna is definitely not immune to a little drama. There was an uproar that went down in 2022 when she filmed a must-watch dance scene for Wednesday between September 2021 and March 2022 in Romania while suffering from COVID-19 symptoms.

She confessed to battling “body aches” and other grim COVID-19 signs before getting slapped with a positive test. The incident drew everyone’s attention to safety protocols (or lack of) on film and television production sets during the pandemic. Jenna got a fair bit of smack from fans and critics, who thought the decision to shoot was reckless and unsafe.