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King Von Net Worth

King Von was worth $750,000 when he died in 2020

Every now and then, a fresh voice shakes up the music scene. King Von sure did just that. Born as Dayvon Daquan Bennett, he suffered a rough upbringing in Chicago, but his stellar skills catapulted him to stardom in the rap game. He owned the drill music genre, and even though his life was cut short, his music sustains his memory. What’s more, that short life was epic; with it, he built an empire that still stands today.

One thing that gets everyone talking, aside from his hardcore street image and killer lyrics, is just how savvy King Von was with his money. The guy had a rough past and tons of legal issues, yet he always knew how to profit from his talent. He built up a fortune for his family, and in less than 10 years he managed to flip his story around, with an estimated net worth of $750,000 when he passed.

NameDayvon Daquan Bennett
Net Worth$750,000
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois, USA
BirthdayAugust 9, 1994 (Leo)
DiedNovember 6, 2020
Height5 ft. 8 in. (175 cm)
Relationship StatusSingle at the time of death

A Glimpse at King Von: Early Life & Career Breakthrough

Dayvon Daquan Bennett was born on August 9, 1994, and raised in “O-Block”, a neighborhood in Chicago that was notoriously dangerous, and gangs, crime, and his dad’s death left a lasting impact on him.

King Von went to Hyde Park Academy, located on the city’s south side. He played varsity baseball there, which should indicate just how good he was at the game. But life had other plans for him, and he was accused of murder in 2014, forcing him to put his educational aspirations on hold as he served time. He would ultimately be acquitted but by then, Von had turned his attention from academics and baseball to his burgeoning rap career.

When he finally got out, King Von’s music journey officially kick-started. His music caught the attention of Lil Durk, who signed him immediately to his record labels, Empire Distribution and Only the Family.

His songs, “Crazy Story” and “Cousins”, shook the music world. The raw essence of his lyrics and his consistent creativity made him a heavyweight in the drill music genre. From the streets to the studio, his transition was flawless. His debut mixtape, Grandson Vol. 1, alongside Levon James and his debut album Welcome to O’Block, and collabs with biggie’s like NLE Choppa and YNW Melly, put him in the big league.

Sadly, Von’s soaring career had a tragic ending with his sudden demise. But his music lives on as a narrative of his unique journey. His life, full of potential and relentless spirit, is preserved in his music, capturing his shift from Chicago’s “O-Block” to the spotlight of rap music.

How King Von Turned His Music into Money

King Von made Chicago’s drill music scene holler by painting real-life pictures of what life is like on the tough streets of the city. He was blowing up, thanks to his skills of telling relatable, true stories and then turning them into serious cash.

It’s difficult to ascertain precise numbers on exactly what King Von’s music was bringing in. We can only assume the amount was considerable given how well his material was performing. Grandson Vol. 1 hit #75 on the Billboard 200, while Levon James and Welcome to O’Block were raking in money.

Now usually, wherever there’s good music, there’s live gigs and tours. But considering King Von’s career was so short and the whole world was put on pause because of the pandemic, he probably didn’t get to tour as much as he deserved.

Diversification of King Von’s Wealth: Moving Beyond Music

Okay, so we all know King Von was killing it in the music game, right? But like, what other business moves was he making? In the entertainment biz, it’s totally normal for artists like Von to cash in on things like brand collabs, merch sales, or throwing cash into businesses. We just don’t have a whole lot of info showing that Von was making these kinds of moves before his death, which came just as his career was really about to blow up.

And of course, the silver lining for musicians is often royalties. Whenever his tracks get played on the radio, streamed, or performed live, Von’s estate sees some of that action. this. The cool thing about royalties is they can keep rolling in even after the artist isn’t around anymore. It’s just a total shame that we didn’t get to see where Von’s career and money moves could’ve gone because of his way-too-early passing.

Piecing Together King Von’s Estate: Notable Possessions and Enterprises

King Von’s life was an epic blueprint of dreams turning into reality, leading him straight to the top tiers of the rap game.

When we talk about King Von’s stuff, we can’t leave out his jaw-dropping collection of fancy cars. Though his time on earth was brief, King Von filled those years living in excess. He rode around in a red Ferrari 458, a drool-worthy white Rolls-Royce Cullinan, another white Rolls-Royce Wraith to keep it company, and a Mercedes S600 Maybach.

Behind the Music: King Von’s Personal Life

King Von was brought up mostly by his mother Taesha in the rugged parts of Chicago often referred to as “O-Block”. He had nine siblings—six from his father Walter E. Bennett, and three from Taesha. Von’s relationship with his dad was complicated, and worsened when his dad was fatally shot by a mystery gunman when Von was just 11 years old.

On the love front, Von was linked with American rapper Asian Doll and Instagram influencer Queen Kema. Von was also a dad, having three children: a son with Kema, a daughter with Micii, and another daughter, Demi, with Deja Denise.

King Von: The Drama, Scandals, and Run-ins with the Law

Von’s first big run-in with the cops was in 2014 when he got caught up in the death of Gakirah ‘K.I.’ Barnes from Gangster Disciples. But the case was full of holes and the cops couldn’t pin it down on him.

Also in 2014, Von had to defend himself in court over another shooting that resulted in Malcolm Stuckey’s death and the injury of two other men. The case ran until the end of 2017, when Von was cleared of all charges.

The biggest shocker, though, was Von’s sudden departure from the world. A beef got out of control at Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta, and Von was shot. He didn’t make it, which rocked the music world and left his fans in absolute disbelief.

After Von passed, some underhanded filmmakers tried to cash in by making this questionable documentary called King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer, which asserted Von was involved in numerous murders. Widespread protest from Von’s family and fans led to the video getting yanked off YouTube.