Moscow, Russia - 11.28.2017 / An american former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson at Synergy Global Forum in Moscow

Mike Tyson’s Net Worth in 2023

Mike Tyson’s Net Worth is $10 Million.

Imagine a fighter, muscles gleaming with sweat, busting into a boxing ring bathed in bright lights. The crowd’s going wild, sounding like a packed football stadium with an onslaught of applause, and all eyes are glued on this one man. Who is he? He is Mike Tyson. He’s not just your everyday amateur – he’s a top-notch, A-list boxer, famous for his powerhouse punches, intimidating vibes, and a career full of jaw-dropping highs and heartbreaking crashes.

Even after his beast-mode active years in the boxing ring, Tyson’s life has still had its share of chaos and controversy. He has had almost as many battles outside the ring as he did inside, including with his finances. In 2023, Tyson’s bank balance is sitting at about $10 million, which might sound like a lot to us regular folk, but it’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the insane $300 million he used to be worth. His financial downfall has left his fans worldwide scratching their heads, putting the spotlight on what happens when you mix out-of-control luxury spending with a nagging absence of smart money moves.

NameMichael Gerard Tyson
ProfessionProfessional Boxer (Retired), Actor, Entrepreneur
Net Worth$10 million as of 2023
BirthplaceFort Greene, New York, USA
BirthdayJune 30, 1966 (Cancer)
Height5 ft. 10 in. (178 cm)
Relationship StatusMarried to Lakiha Spicer

From Brooklyn Streets to Knockout Feats: Mike Tyson’s Rise to Fame

Before he was the terrifying Mike Tyson whose name flashed on every TV screen, he was just another kid navigating the rough streets of Brooklyn. Born on June 30, 1966, Tyson spent his childhood wrestling life in neighborhoods notorious for crime. His teen years were no picnic, either. By 13, the boy was arrested 38 times, and his street fights became infamous, perfectly portraying his untamed, rebellious side.

But life tossed Tyson a lifeline in the unlikeliest place—Tryon School for Boys, a reform school in Johnstown, New York. Here, ex-boxer Bobby Stewart saw a spark in Tyson’s rage-filled outbursts. By focusing Tyson’s energy into boxing, Stewart helped him curb his wild edges and fine-tune his talent. Completely blown away by Tyson, Stewart introduced him to Cus D’Amato, a pro boxing trainer. Meeting D’Amato wasn’t just some random encounter for Tyson; it was a complete game-changer. D’Amato became Tyson’s legal guardian, acting as his compass in the whirlwind that was Tyson’s life.

Countless hours of tough training and grit finally paid off when Tyson won the Junior Olympic Championship gold medals against Joe Cortez in ’81 and Kelton Brown in ’82. His real breakthrough came on March 6, 1985, when Tyson stepped into the professional boxing ring and quickly took down Hector Mercedes in the first round. This match was only a preview of what Tyson had to offer. He chalked up win after win, effectively transitioning from a rookie nobody to a heavyweight champion. Tyson’s fighting style was uniquely his, labeled the “peek-a-boo” technique, featuring wickedly fast sidesteps and a non-stop punching sequence that KO’d competitors before they even knew what hit them.

Although Tyson took a huge hit when his mentor D’Amato died in 1985, it barely put a dent in his skyrocketing career. Tyson kept knocking down the biggest names in boxing, including Michael Spinks in 1988—a fight that lasted a mere 91 seconds. This victory echoed around the world, firmly securing Tyson’s place in the boxing hall of fame.

Punching His Way to Wealth: Mike Tyson’s Boxing Revenue

Tyson certainly wasn’t hurting for money every time he won a fight. Take, for example, his 80’s faceoff with Trevor Berbick that raked in a solid $1.5 million. But the real cash came rolling in during the ’90s. Whether he was squaring off with Frank Bruno or dealing some blows to the legendary Evander Holyfield, Tyson bagged money with every punch. One of his biggest earners was his dust-up with the U.K.’s Lennox Lewis, which brought in an insane $103 million.

And let’s not forget about his 2020 exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr. That fight alone pulled in over $80 million in pay-per-view cash. Though not what you would call a conventional boxing match, it nevertheless drew eyeballs and earned Tyson a lot of money.

Cashing In Outside the Ring: Tyson’s Alternate Revenue Streams

Mike Tyson, the boxing legend we all know and love, didn’t just sock it in the ring. He was shrewd and knew how to make a penny. He unfortunately had difficulty keeping those pennies, which would explain the ensuing bankruptcy. To his credit, Tyson picked himself back up, diversified his bucks and created other cash flows and is back in the black.

In 2016, Tyson took a considered leap into the world of cannabis with his business, Tyson Holistic. They sell some quality marijuana strains, edibles, and extracts. Word on the street is that this venture alone rakes in $1 million a month. And that was just the start. Mike also has plans for a colossal weed-themed holiday resort and even a school for teaching people how to grow cannabis.

One of Tyson’s smarter and more innovative side hustles is in CHILL, a company that manufactures CBD alkaline water. On top of padding out his earnings, it also shows Tyson as a trailblazer, tapping into a market that has untapped potential.

Tyson also knows how to have fun. He made a return to the ring (sort of) at WrestleMania 14 in 1998 as a guest referee. A bit of a departure for the boxing star that nevertheless put a nice little sum in his pocket.

And let’s not forget about the endorsements and sponsorships. From pushing Diet Pepsi back in the day to partnering with Black Energy Drink, CopperGel, and Smart Cups recently, Tyson’s charisma and legendary status have made him a lucrative icon.

Mike’s Lavish Possessions and Philanthropic Pursuits

A highlight of Tyson’s real estate reel is his pad in Henderson, Nevada, just outside Las Vegas. He bagged the Mediterranean-style property for $2.5 million in 2016. He also used to flaunt other investments like a 21-bedroom castle in Connecticut, a home in Maryland, and one in Seven Hills, Las Vegas, which even got some screen time in the Hangover flicks.

Equally drool-worthy is Tyson’s garage. The former boxing king has some of the rarest and priciest wheels on the planet, from a Rolls-Royce Silver Spur to a Ferrari F50, a bunch of Mercedes Benzes, and a Lamborghini Super Diablo Twin Turbo.

Despite his taste for the lavish and his infamous shopping streaks, Tyson has a soft spot too. He launched the Mike Tyson Cares Foundation, aiming to give kids from broken homes a leg up. In 2020, he showed his big heart by donating majority of his fight earnings to charity.

When the Gloves are Off: A Peek into Mike Tyson’s Personal Life

Tyson was born in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn. His dad ran out on the family when Mike was just a toddler, leaving his mom Lorna to do the heavy lifting with three kids. Later, his sister passed away in 1990 and he lost his mom at the tender age of 16.

Love has proven to be a bumpy road for Tyson, too. He has been married three times, with his first two ending in divorce. Now he’s together with Lakiha Spicer and they have two cute kids: Morocco and Milan Tyson. He’s also got five other children, including his eldest, Mikey, from his time with Kimberly Scarborough and Rayna and Amir Tyson from his second marriage. In a devastating blow, Tyson lost his daughter Exodus in a tragic accident.

The Knockdowns Beyond the Ring: Major Events in Tyson’s Life

Mike Tyson has taken punches both inside and outside the ring. In 1992, a young woman named Desiree Washington accused Tyson of raping her. Tyson denied the accusation but was convicted and was sentenced to six years in prison. Three years into his term, Tyson was released on parole.

A decade later, Tyson’s wallet took its toughest beating. In 2003, he filed for bankruptcy despite having earned millions in prize money. Debts racked up to about $23 million including cash owed to the taxman, his old legal team, and ex-wife Monica.

But Tyson has proved he can rise like a phoenix from the ashes. He got his financial game together with smart moves like splitting up his income sources and keeping a tighter leash on his dough. Plus, his new business Tyson Holistic has caught fire, while his show fight with Roy Jones Jr. earned him a tidy sum. For the first time in a long time, the future looks bright for a fighter with so much darkness in his past.