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NBA YoungBoy’s Net Worth in 2023

NBA YoungBoy Net Worth is $8 Million

NBA YoungBoy’s road to fame started when he was a teenager, filling up his notebook with lyrics as beats and dreams of making it big filled his head. Born as Kentrell Gaulden on October 20, 1999, he redefined the term ‘baller’. He became a national sensation, with his bank account being living proof of his insane success. By the end the 2020, NBA YoungBoy was sitting on a cool $8 million. But how’d he get there? Join us as we navigate the epic beats of his life.

NameKentrell DeSean Gaulden
ProfessionRapper and Songwriter
Net Worth$8 million
BirthplaceBaton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
BirthdayOctober 20, 1999 (Libra)
Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Relationship statusMarried (As of 2023)

The Road to Stardom: Early Life, Career, and Breakthrough

Ever wondered what led to NBA YoungBoy (a.k.a. YoungBoy Never Broke Again) or real name, Kentrell Gaulden, to be where he is today? It’s quite the tale, with a beginning far from glitz and glam. His mom dabbling briefly in rap sparked YoungBoy’s music flame. He was already scribbling rhymes when he was just seven, probably unaware of the role rap was going to play in his life.

His dad got locked up when he was only eight, which motivated his mom to pull up roots and relocate. He would be raised predominantly by his maternal grandmother until her death in 2010. At this point, he was taken in by his friend 3HREE’s family. His past, rather than kill his spirit, fueled his music. He shared tough truths through his deep words and infectious beats.

School wasn’t YoungBoy’s scene, dropping out in eighth grade and getting his hands on a mic bought from Walmart. That was the start of him recording his jam and turning his name, Never Broke Again, into a legit life goal. In 2015 he dropped his first mixtape: Life Before Fame. A year later, “Mind Of A Menace 3 Before I Go”, and “38 Baby” hit the airwaves. That last song was a standout, and was adored by fans who still can’t seem to get enough of it.

His career went into overdrive in 2017 when NBA YoungBoy broke the internet with AI YoungBoy. This mixtape was it, spreading like wildfire among his fans. He climbed another step on the success ladder in April 2018, dropping his debut album Until Death Call My Name. The album made waves and proved YoungBoy was a legitimate talent and not some flash-in-the-pan rapper, here today, gone tomorrow.

The Money Note: NBA YoungBoy’s Revenues from Music

NBA YoungBoy’s killer beats have catapulted him to fame and fortune — the guy’s “waterfront estate” rich now.

In 2020, he was deemed one of the year’s highest-paid musicians, earning an eye-popping $11.9 million. Contributing to that wealth are his YouTube hits, which earn a crazy 292 million views a month. That works out to be $1.4 million that he takes home every month. Annually, then, that works out to be $16.8 million.

He’s no slouch when it comes to streaming, either. His hit single “White Teeth” alone has earned him a sweet $10 million. This kind of coin makes him the fourth-top earner in the business.

More math. Over the last three years, NBA YoungBoy’s been cashing in an average of about $8.7 million to $13.4 million every year from artist and publishing streaming royalties.

From the Court to the Boardroom: NBA YoungBoy’s Other Revenue Streams

When he’s not killing it in the music game, NBA YoungBoy is masterminding a business empire. He’s not just relying on his lyrics and beats to earn him money, he’s got a bunch of different things going on that are keeping those dollars rolling in.

Take 2016, for example. That’s when he and his buddy Kyle “Montana” Claiborne decided to start their own label, The Never Broke Again. Even though NBA YoungBoy was too young to legally own it at the time, they got it set up under Montana’s name, and have been scoring ever since. They even made a sweet move in 2021 when they partnered up with Motown, which, of course, makes them even more money by getting their tunes out to a bigger audience.

He has also dabbled in digital radio. In December 2022, NBA YoungBoy announced that he was about to start his own radio show on Amazon’s Amp. Unfortunately, it got canned before it could really take off, but still, it showed that NBA YoungBoy’s got his eye on expanding way beyond just making music.

High-Value Assets and Philanthropy: NBA YoungBoy’s Notable Possessions and Generosity

We all know NBA YoungBoy for those fiery verses and his roller-coaster ride of a lifestyle, but the guy’s also sitting on a pretty hefty fortune, thanks to his beats and business moves. And he sure knows how to flash that cash.

For real estate, NBA YoungBoy’s got himself a swanky pad in Salt Lake City, Utah—and it’s far from just a place to sleep. To him, it’s a bit of concrete evidence of his journey from the streets of Baton Rouge to the big leagues of the music industry.

YoungBoy, though, isn’t the sort to rest on his laurels—especially not when there’s a chance to up his car game. He’s filled his garage with some wicked wheels—you’ll find everything from Maybachs to McLarens and even Teslas parked up at his mansion. All of which just goes to show that he’s got a real need for speed and a taste for the good life.

Now, don’t get us wrong. NBA YoungBoy definitely knows how to splurge, but he’s got a big heart, too. In 2022, he and his crew went from dropping beats to dropping turkeys—they gave away 500 to the good folks back in his hometown of Baton Rouge. Just goes to show that no matter how high he rises, he’s never gonna forget where he came from.

Behind the Curtains: A Glimpse into NBA YoungBoy’s Personal Life

We all know NBA YoungBoy’s got some serious game in the music scene. But offstage? From his rocky start in life to his climb to hip-hop stardom, YoungBoy’s world away from the spotlight is chock-full of personal battles, inspiring buddies and relationships that run deep.

In the love department, YoungBoy’s life is pretty sweet. He got hitched to Jazlyn Mychelle in 2023 and share a couple of adorable kiddos: a 17-month-old cutie named Alice (after YoungBoy’s cherished grandma), and a newborn called Klemenza. Fun fact: Klemenza is named after a Godfather character that YoungBoy admires for his loyalty.

Now, if there’s one thing that totally defines YoungBoy’s life, it’s his daddy status. At the ripe age of 22, he’s already the proud father to 10 bundles of joy! He lives with Alice and Klemenza, while the rest of his brood stay with their respective moms. Occasionally, members of his clan will join him at work—you can spot his sons Kayden and Kacey in his “Kacey Talk” music video from 2020

Journey Through Turbulence: Major Events and Controversies in NBA YoungBoy’s Life

NBA YoungBoy’s life isn’t just hit records and fatherhood. During his climb up the fame ladder, every rung’s got its share of drama and legal beefs.

In 2016, YoungBoy got slapped with a couple of attempted murder charges, apparently in some drive-by situation. He would spend half a year locked up before walking away from prison with a suspended 10-year sentence hanging over his head.

Then, in March 2021, just as it looked like he was shaking off the scandal, YoungBoy was arrested by the FBI on a gun possession warrant from 2016. There were even rumors circulating of YoungBoy dying in his cell. Fans’ fears were quelled when police confirmed the rapper was still alive.

Despite the controversy and legal entanglement, YoungBoy was still grinding on the mic. He dropped his third album, Sincerely, Kentrell, from behind bars in September 2021. Then a month later, he was back on the outside, bailed out with a $500K bond and chilling under house arrest in Utah.