INDIANAPOLIS, IN - SEPT 2: Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts quarterback, watches the game between Indianapolis Colts and Cincinnati Bengals on September 2, 2010 in Indianapolis, IN

Peyton Manning’s Net Worth in 2023

Peyton Manning’s Net Worth is $320Million

Peyton Manning has got quite a story to tell. It kicks off in the down ‘n’ dirty football fields of Louisiana and then skyrockets to the star-studded NFL scene. The journey, which also includes young Peyton knocking it out of the park in high school, has led the former quarterback to a net worth of $320 million.

Football has evidently been very good to Peyton, the wonder boy of the gridiron. How good? To answer that question, we need to rewind and flash back to his time killin’ it on the field as MVP quarterback for the University of Tennessee then tormenting NFL defensive lines with the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. Though he spent 18 seasons in playing pro ball, Manning’s earnings go beyond the field. Indeed, Peyton throws touchdowns no matter the endeavor.

NamePeyton Williams Manning
ProfessionFormer NFL Player
Net Worth$320 million
BirthplaceNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
BirthdayMarch 24, 1976 (Aries)
Height6 ft. 5 in. (196 cm)
Relationship statusMarried

The Origin Story: Manning’s Early Promise and Rise to NFL Stardom

Future NFL superstar Peyton Manning was born in the middle of New Orleans, Louisiana, to former NFL champ Archie Manning. His fate, it seemed, was set right from the start. As a kid, he packed a competitive punch and showed it off on the field at his high school, Isidore Newman. He led the team to an outstanding record of 34–5 and tossed for over 7,000 yards. By his last year of school, everyone in the nation was saying he was the top football recruit.

By ’94, Peyton was taking to the football field at the University of Tennessee. During his four years there, he passed for 11,201 yards, with 863 completions and an impressive 89 touchdowns. His gift in the game, mixed with his dedication, saw him break 42 records in the conference, school, and NCAA. If people hadn’t been taking notice of him when he graduated high school, they were definitely doing so now, praising his amazing potential and his ability to think quickly on his feet.

Among those impressed with young Peyton were the Indianapolis Colts, who, in 1998, made a winning move by nabbing Peyton as the first overall pick in the NFL draft. He turned headwinds in his first season into record-breaking rookie stats for completions (326), passing yards (3,739), and touchdowns (26). From such an auspicious start did Peyton’s career soar.

The Golden Arm: Manning’s NFL Earnings

How much does a future legend of the game make? It’s calculated that Manning pulled in $248,732,000 from his NFL contracts alone, making him the second-richest player in league history.

It started in 1998, when Manning inked his first deal with the Indianapolis Colts. It was worth $46.3 million over six years, with an $11.6-million signing bonus—the biggest ever for a rookie at that time. The Colts had their eyes on the prize from Day 1 and knew Peyton was going to play a huge part in their anticipated success.

He continued to kill it on and off the field, with his bank account always winning. He signed another lucrative contract with the Colts in 2011, this time for $90 million extended over five years. A neck injury made the Colts bail on him later, but the Denver Broncos soon snapped him up for $96 million for another five years. Before the 2015 season, Peyton rejigged his contract, willing to take home $15 million instead of $19 million. By the time he called it quits in March 2016, his total earnings—NFL contracts plus endorsements—stood at $400 million.

Tackling Other Fields: Manning’s Off-the-Field Revenue Streams

Speaking of endorsements, Peyton’s finance game was just as strong off the field as it was on the field. Though nothing can compare to those incredible football contracts, Peyton nevertheless padded his income by associating himself with a number of big brands.

His love for pizza took him straight to Papa John’s, where he was the big cheese responsible for 21 franchises in Colorado. Beyond just owning a slice of the pie, Manning serves as the face of his restaurants and regularly features in their commercials. While his exact pizza profits are a bit under wraps, his cheesy affairs must place him in the upper crust of earners.

Ever seen Manning promoting insurance or chatting up steaks on screen? That’s his gig with the big brands. Manning’s got solid deals with heavyweights like Nationwide Insurance and Omaha Steaks. There’s no way NFL retirement is slowing him down; Manning’s still bagging at least $10 million every year from his stardom on the small screen.

Like the smart cookie he is, Manning’s not just relying on pizzas and ads; he’s also playing the investment game. Manning’s bet on startups like Kitchen United, Whistle, SeatGeek, and Weplay. The profits he is keeping mum about, but diversification is never a bad thing.

Peyton Manning: Jet-Setting, Mansions, and Charitable Deeds

Peyton Manning’s bank account is also buoyed by some fine assets and while his heart is buoyed by his acts of charity.

Manning’s stomping ground is a massive 16,000-square-foot property in the high-class area of Cherry Hills Village in Colorado. He snagged this jumbo-sized dwelling for $4.5 million back in 2012, and now it’s estimated to be worth $6 million. And he didn’t stop there. In the same ritzy neighborhood, Manning scored a second house for $5.3 million in 2023, proving that the man seriously digs real estate (and Cherry Hills Village, apparently).

He also has some serious car love, with a lineup that includes a Toyota Land Cruiser LC200, a Chevrolet Suburban, and a Cadillac Escalade. When wheels aren’t enough, Manning turns to his wings, having scooped up a private jet, even cheekily painting a number “2” on it to troll his “bestie” Tom Brady in their ongoing ‘Who’s the NFL’s Greatest?’ debate.

But even with all these extravagant possessions, Manning doesn’t hesitate to open his wallet. Back in 1999, he started the PeyBack Foundation to help set up future generations of underprivileged kids with leadership and growth opportunities. To date, his foundation’s donated $15 million to aid programs. This good guy’s also got in on the charity action with big names like Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Red Cross, focusing on HIV/AIDS, disadvantaged youth, kids, and human rights issues.

The Play Behind the Play: Manning’s Personal Life

For Peyton, football is a family affair. His dad Archie Manning is known for his time in the NFL, while little brother Eli has his own career as a quarterback.

Did you know, though, that Peyton’s also a hopeless romantic and a pretty swell family man? He was set up with his soon-to-be wife Ashley Thompson by one of Ashley’s neighbors in 2001; they’ve been going strong ever since. The couple have twins: a boy named Marshall Williams, and a daughter named Mosley Thompson. He often says his family are his good luck charm and biggest cheer squad.

Manning’s not just a family guy, though. This dude is all about the friendships and mentorships he’s amassed over his football career. Even his old rival Tom Brady turned from foe to bro over the years. Talk about building bridges through shared passions, Peyton knows all about it.

More recently, Manning’s headed back to his old stomping ground, the University of Tennessee, though not as a student. His official role? Professor of practice at the College of Communication and Information. We don’t really know what that entails but it’s a fancy title and proof he likes to give back to the community and inspire the next generation of football stars.

Controversies and Setbacks: Hurdles In Manning’s Journey

Peyton Manning, like most in the public eye, isn’t a stranger to scandal. The most sizable dust-up from Manning’s past goes back to his college days at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Jamie Naughright, the school’s associate athletic trainer, accused him of sexual harassment. The incident went public, making headlines. It eventually led to a $300,000 settlement in 1997. Dr. Naughright later sued Manning for defamation after the release of the book Manning: A Father, His Sons, and a Football Legacy, in which Peyton supposedly mocked Dr. Naughright. The suit was later settled, with both parties agreeing to confidentiality.

Another scandal cropped up in 2015 when an Al Jazeera America documentary claimed Manning got Human Growth Hormone (HGH) from the Guyer Institute in Indianapolis while trying to recover from a neck injury in 2011. Manning blew off the allegations, and the controversy eventually fizzled out, but not before besmirching his legacy.