Robert Downey Jr picture at Avenger premiere

Robert Downey Jr’s Net Worth in 2023: RDJ’s Mega Millions!

Robert Downey Jr’s Net Worth is $320 Million

Our very own Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ), has gone from zero to hero, quite literally! He’s now one of the wealthiest celebs in Hollywood, with an insane net worth of $320 million. Although Tony Stark is easily one of his most famous characters, RDJ has nailed so many roles, making us laugh, cry, and everything in between. But did you know his road to success wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies? It took tons of hard work, guts, and some pretty fat paychecks for RDJ to accumulate his wealth.

If you can believe it, back when he played Iron Man for the first time, RDJ only made $500,000. By the time Iron Man 3 rolled around, he was raking in a whopping $70 million! Talk about a level-up. So, ready to go behind the scenes and dig deeper into the life and times of our beloved RDJ? We’ll reveal all the juicy details about his career, where all that dough comes from, a sneak peek into his personal life and, of course, the milestones that turned him into a money-making machine.

Net Worth$320 Million
BirthdayApril 4, 1965 (Aries)
Height5’8″ (173 cm)
Relationship StatusMarried (to Susan Downey)

From Early Days to Stardom: RDJ’s Wild Ride

Way back in 1965, New York City, Robert Downey Jr. was born smack in the middle of the famously artsy Greenwich Village. With a dad who totally rocked the underground filmmaking scene, you just knew this kid was gonna get a taste for acting —and that’s exactly what happened. After bailing from high school in sunny California, our man RDJ came back to the Big Apple to chase his dream of living that showbiz life.

He may have started small, but he truly made a name for himself over time. He got himself some sweet gigs in movies like the epic Weird Science (1985) and even landed a spot on Saturday Night Live in the mid-80s. In ’87, RDJ stepped up as the main man in romantic comedy The Pick-up Artist. He then totally killed it in Less Than Zero, playing a character with drug dependency. But it wasn’t all red carpets and fanfare, as RDJ’s personal problems with substance abuse and legal issues threatened to upstage his talent.

After a few stumbles, we fast-forward to 2003, and we find our boy RDJ bouncing back big time. Over the next five years, he was in a bunch of films like The Singing Detective (2003), Good Night, and Good Luck (2005), A Scanner Darkly (2006), and Zodiac (2007). But 2008 was when things got real for the actor; RDJ blew up as Tony Stark in the blockbuster Iron Man and showed off his comedic chops in Tropic Thunder. He was so good, he even nabbed an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. If you’re keeping score, folks, that means that RDJ officially entered the major leagues in 2008, and his life was never the same again.

RDJ’s Big Cash Moments: That Iron Man Money

So, we all know Robert Downey Jr. is a seriously talented actor. But, when he stepped into Tony Stark’s shoes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), his bank account got a major upgrade. It all kicked off with the first Iron Man movie in 2008, and even though he only made a cool $500k for the movie, that’s just spare change compared to what he’d rake in later.

As Iron Man and the MCU basically became everyone’s obsession, RDJ started making some serious money. By the time he appeared in Iron Man 3, his salary had increased to a mind-blowing $70 million – superhero-level cash. And, it didn’t stop there. With appearances in The Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, and even Spider-Man: Homecoming, it’s no wonder he’s one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors.

Back in 2015, he topped the Forbes list of big earners, taking home a jaw-dropping $80 million. Then in 2019, RDJ made a whopping $75 million for his role in Avengers: Endgame, which pulled in over $2.5 billion across the globe. So, it’s no wonder acting has been the main game for building RDJ’s incredible fortune.

RDJ’s Side Hustles

Aside from acting, Robert Downey Jr. has some seriously lucrative side gigs, too. Besides rocking the big screen, RDJ has been cashing in on a bunch of business projects and investments, which, no surprise, have boosted his massive net worth even more. RDJ and his wife, Susan, have been super successful making movies together through their production company, Team Downey. You’ve probably heard of a few, like the Sherlock Holmes movies, The Judge, and Dolittle.

Another one of RDJ’s passions is investing in eco-friendly tech. In January 2021, he spilled the beans on two new venture capital funds – Footprint Coalition Ventures and Downey Ventures – at the fancy World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. RDJ and Susan co-founded Footprint Coalition Ventures, which invests in companies in the industry of renewable energy and emission-free transportation. Downey Ventures, on the other hand, has its eyes on companies working on AI and robotics tech.

The FootPrint Coalition, RDJ’s big green initiative, has come a long way and transformed into a proper venture fund called FootPrint Coalition Ventures. Combining storytelling, investing, and nonprofit commitments, it’s on a mission to tackle climate change. The fund is focused on educating people about eco-friendly living and investing in some pretty groundbreaking companies, like Ÿnsect, which makes sustainable protein from mealworms (we’re not kidding).

If you thought RDJ’s portfolio couldn’t be any more diverse, he’s also moved into the consumer security world. Yep, he’s joined the board of directors of a startup called Aura and invested an unspecified amount of money in the company. Aura provides digital security services like identity theft protection in one simple software platform. RDJ plans to flex his strategy and advocacy skills for the company, whilst adding to his already varied business ventures.

These cool side hustles show off RDJ’s entrepreneurial chops and willingness to dive into the unknown. He’s diversified his income, shown his passion for saving our planet, and added some serious figures to his bank account.

RDJ’s Swanky Stuff and Giving Back

Robert Downey Jr. knows how to spend his dollars and he’s got a serious love for fancy homes, sleek cars, and giving back. His Malibu digs are designed by big-shot architect Frank Gehry, and after Avengers: Infinity War, he dropped a cool $3.8 million on his 3,000-square-foot beauty. Not only that, but he snagged a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly Malibu Binishell house, which looks like a giant dome, designed by Dante Bini.

And can we talk cars? Because RDJ’s got ’em. His Malibu garage is packed with wicked rides, like a ’65 Chevy Corvette Stingray, a ’70 Ford Mustang Boss 302, and a 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia. He’s also got some seriously impressive bikes – think vintage Harley-Davidson and a custom Confederate Hellcat.

However, RDJ isn’t just about the flashy lifestyle; he’s got a big heart too. In 2019, he teamed up with his buddy (and fellow Avenger) Chris Hemsworth to donate $1 million to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. With over 4,600 clubs in the U.S. that help millions of kids yearly, RDJ’s making sure his dough does some good – proving he’s a hero off-screen too!

RDJ’s Personal Life: Love, Family, and Friendship

Robert Downey Jr.’s personal life has been like a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs, but ultimately, a heartwarming story of bouncing back, finding love, and gaining some stellar support. RDJ had his fair share of trouble with addiction and run-ins with the law, but with his rockstar wife, producer Susan Downey, by his side, he managed to turn things around. Talk about power couple vibes! They met on the set of 2003’s Gothika, where Susan was doing her exec producer magic, and they started dating in 2004. The couple made us swoon at the “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” premiere in 2005 before they said, “I do” in a hush-hush New York wedding in 2007. Susan has been a huge motivator for RDJ staying on track and she always has his back.

RDJ is also an amazing dad to three kiddos. There’s his older son, Indio, from his first marriage to Deborah Falconer. He’s in the entertainment industry as well, working as a musician and he starred in the movie Ride. Then, with Susan, he has two adorable kids: Exton and Avri. RDJ has often given his fans a peek into his family moments on social media, and he always seems like the coolest dad around.

When it comes to the actor’s bromances and friendships, he’s especially close with his Marvel squad. Those off-screen hangouts with Avengers castmates like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth is pure love. Having a solid crew of friends has really helped RDJ conquer the tough times and shine brighter than ever in Hollywood.