Sean Connery holding a gun near his face in a black and white picture.

Sean Connery’s Net Worth

Sean Connery was worth $350 million when he died

What happens when you mix a tough-as-nails Scottish childhood, a talent for captivating the masses, and a shot of 007 suave? You get the one and only: Sean Connery. He started as a milkman in Edinburgh but hustled and rose to become a wealthy actor, showing off his serious acting chops and undeniable charm.

Born in a working-class family in a not-so-great neighborhood in Scotland, Connery didn’t exactly have his path to fame and fortune paved. But no matter how bumpy the road got, he forged ahead, ultimately gunning down international fame as the legendary James Bond. With all the Tinseltown sheen, he still stayed grounded, never forgetting his Scottish roots: tough and resilient. Moviegoers around the world are still smitten by his unforgettable roles on the silver screen.

When Sean Connery said his final goodbye in 2020, he left behind an estimated fortune of around $350 million. It’s a huge pile of dough made through a career filled with dedication to his craft and some smart money moves. As we dig deeper into his epic life, we’ll remember Connery as the icon he was—a symbol of rising above hard knocks, and the ultimate example of classic Hollywood swag.

NameSir Thomas Sean Connery
Net Worth$350 million
BirthplaceFountainbridge, Scotland, U.K.
BirthdayAugust 25, 1930 (Virgo)
Height / Weight6 ft. 2 in. (188 cm)
Relationship statusMarried to Micheline Roquebrune at the time of his death

Sean’s Formative Years and Blossoming Talent

Sean was born on August 25, 1930, in the Scottish town of Fountainbridge, to a truck-driver dad and a mom working at a laundry.

He grew up fast, leaving school at just 13 to work full-time at a local dairy. You could say he went from delivering milk to delivering quotable lines. After a short stint in the Royal Navy, which ended early due to stomach ulcers, he hustled his way through jobs like bricklaying and even posing as a model at the Edinburgh College of Art. Plus, he got seriously into weightlifting and fitness, eventually flexing his muscles in bodybuilding before landing in acting.

Everything changed in the 1950s when Connery started getting gigs on U.K. TV and film. His breakthrough came with a notable performance in the BBC version of Rod Serling’s Requiem for a Heavyweight. And then came the game-changer: stepping into the shoes of James Bond in Dr. No in the early ’60s. With followups like Goldfinger and Thunderball, he quickly became a household name, thanks to his cool, calm, and unforgettable performances.

Just when you thought Connery couldn’t get any more impressive, he swept up an Academy Award for his supporting role in The Untouchables in 1988. He stayed on top of the game with more juicy roles throughout the ’90s and early 2000s, in films like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Rock, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And guess what? Even today, we can’t stop talking about him. Just like the legendary characters he’s brought to life on screen, Connery himself has become a timeless icon of cinema.

From 007 to Leading Man: Profits from Connery’s Cinematic Career

Sean Connery, the man who comes to mind for many when discussing James Bond, didn’t just get his fame playing the forever stylish superspy. He also pocketed some serious dough from it. Back in ’62 he made just $16,000 for playing the role in Dr. No, but things ramped up quickly! He was making a cool million and change by the time Diamonds Are Forever rolled out in ’71. And when Never Say Never Again hit theatres in ’83, he was raking in a hefty $3 million.

He didn’t just stick to martinis, stylish tuxes, and death-defying stunts. When he stepped outside of Bond’s suave shoes, the cash kept on flowing. He made $12 million from The Rock (1996), $15 Million from Finding Forrester (2000), and $17 million for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003), which sadly marked his farewell to acting.

We’ve got to mention Connery’s softer side too. Remember Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves? He made a quarter million from that gig and handed over every last cent to charity. Connery wasn’t just about raking in the big bucks, he also knew how to use his influence for good.

Lavish Possessions and Noble Causes: A Peek into Connery’s Lifestyle

Not only was Sean Connery ridiculously talented, he was ridiculously rich, and knew how to take advantage of it.

At the center of his property portfolio was a beauty of a villa in the French Riviera, known as La Roc Fleuri. This place was dripping in wisteria vines and charm straight out of the 1920s, and with beautiful ocean views of Nice and the Mediterranean Sea. When he passed away, it was listed for $34 million.

Next up, Connery’s rides. One notable vehicle was a second-hand Jensen C-V8 he was cruising around in during the ’60s. He also had a shark-nosed 1986 BMW 635CSi parked in Marbella for over a decade, and a ‘64 Aston Martin DB5, also known as the “most famous car in the world.” It was sold at auction after his death for $2.425 million.

Connery was also committed to giving back some of that hard-earned cash. He established the Scottish International Education Trust, providing funds for over a thousand young Scots in fields like medicine, music, and law. And it’s given over $2.5 million in grants over nearly half a century.

The Sean Connery Foundation was another pet project, supporting kids with dyslexia in Edinburgh. It just goes to show that his wealth wasn’t just for living the high life, but also for doing some good.

The Personal Tapestry of Sean Connery

Connery tied the knot twice. His first wife was Aussie actress Diane Cilento; together they had a son: Jason Connery. Even after they split, Sean kept a tight bond with his son.

He then fell head-over-heels for Moroccan-French artist, Micheline Roquebrune. A tiny snag was that they didn’t speak the same language at first, but love found a way. They enjoyed an epic marriage, sticking together for 45 years right up until Connery’s passing in 2020. They made the tropical Bahamas their home, where Connery kicked back and enjoyed a chilled retirement after an illustrious acting career.

The Challenges Along the Path: Connery’s Battles in Court

Sean entered a legal dispute with the Sherwood Country Club in 2006, suing them for not paying up the equity he was owed. Sean had joined the club, which understood it could use his name to promote real estate nearby. Sean took umbrage with how matters panned out, claiming that while it was authorized to do so, it didn’t pay him the agreed-upon fee. The case eventually got settled behind closed doors, but it was definitely a bumpy ride for Connery.

Connery also got roped into a massive legal showdown with his former accountant, Kenneth Richards. Richards had mishandled Sean’s Bond earnings, thinking it a good idea to pour it all into property deals without having a safety net. When the risks tanked, Sean went after Richards for being so careless, and scored a cool $4.1 million in the process—one of the biggest payouts in UK legal history.