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Snoop Dogg Net Worth (2023): A Sneak Peek into Rap Royalty’s Wealth

Snoop Dogg is Worth $160 Million

You know him as Snoop Dogg. Some of you might know him better as Snoop Doggy Dogg; a few of you identify him most as Snoop Lion. No matter the name, we can all agree that Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. has been the face of hip hop for years. He came straight off the streets of Long Beach, California, and onto the rap scene in 1992.

Since then, Snoop Dogg has racked up a personal net worth of $16 million. He has managed this impressive feat not only through music, but with savvy business deals and other endorsements.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at Snoop Dogg’s rhymin’ personal life and career.

Full NameCalvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.
ProfessionRapper, Songwriter, Actor, Businessman
Net Worth$160 million
BirthdayOctober 20, 1971 (Libra)
BirthplaceLong Beach, California, U.S.A.
Height6ft 4in (193 cm)
Relationship StatusMarried to Shante Taylor since 1997

Troubled Past to Hip-Hop Stardom: Snoop’s Early Career and Initial Breakthrough

Born on October 20, 1971, in Long Beach, California, Snoop Dogg didn’t have an easy childhood. He grew up in a neighborhood rife with gangs and drugs, so it is not surprising that the streets would engulf him and keep him in and out of prison as a young adult. What saved him, however, was his burgeoning passion for gangsta rap and indeed, music in general.

Thanks to his distinctive drawl, Snoop managed to stand out from the crowd. In that “crowd” was producer and rapper Dr. Dre, who, in 1992 took notice, and featured Snoop on his single “Deep Cover”. Snoop quickly developed his own style and added it to the hit songs “Dre Day” and “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” on Dr. Dre’s album, The Chronic, that same year. Thanks to those collabs, Snoop quickly became an international star.

His debut disc, Doggystyle, came out in 1993, and peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Despite his new success, he was unable to shake his troubled past completely and was arrested in connection to a drive-by shooting while recording the album. He was eventually cleared of all charges, but the legal proceedings delayed his next album, Tha Doggfather. It wouldn’t be released until 1996, when Snoop’s legal troubles finally behind him.

That delay hurt Tha Doggfather, which finally came out as gangsta rap was on the decline. This new hip-hop landscape and disappointing record sales forced Snoop to revamp his image. Soon, Snoop embraced a West Coast vibe that he is now synonymous with and has become a part of mainstream American culture.

Striking Gold in the Music Industry: Revenue From His Primary Career

Snoop Dogg’s massive success led to an equally massive bank account. He can brag astronomical record sales and has leveraged those numbers to earn a prime spot on the list of the world’s highest-paid rappers. His first album, Doggystyle, for example, sold a whopping one million copies in just one week!

According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Snoop Dogg has sold over 13.5 million album units, and is partially the reason why, according to Cosmopolitan, his take-home pay between 2007 and 2019 hit an average of $13 million a year.

Diversified Empire Beyond Hip Hop: Other Revenues

Aside from the money Snoop Dogg has made from his rhymes, he’s also established himself as a savvy businessman with a knack for endorsements. He has his own production company, Snoopadelic Films, which involves itself in various film and television projects, as well as other successful business ventures.

Remember back in 2012 when Snoop Dogg switched species to ‘Snoop Lion’? Well, Snoop got smitten with the Rastafari vibes and dropped a reggae album, Reincarnated, under this new name. He kept exploring new genres. He gave us a taste of R&B and funk with his 2015 album, Bush, and dabbled in gospel in 2018 with Snoop Dogg Presents the Bible of Love. With each album, he showcased the many sounds of his musical prowess.

Now, we can’t talk about Snoop Dogg without mentioning Mary Jane. The rapper established his own marijuana brand in Colorado — Leafs by Snoop — in 2015. And he’s famously enthusiastic about leading the charge into the mainstream cannabis game. In 2020, he took it up a notch and co-founded Casa Verde Capital – a venture fund that focuses solely on the cannabis industry.

That’s not all, though. Snoop’s went in on the fashion industry and partnered with Adidas Originals, becoming their No. 1 hype man. He’s also dabbled in liquor, creating his own line of gin called INDOGGO Gin, inspired by his timeless jam “Gin & Juice”.

He hasn’t slowed down in the modern digital age, either. In collaboration with metaverse-based video game MOBLAND, he launched digital weed-farm NFTs. Plus, he’s got a collection of his own NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Other business ventures include the purchase of Death Row Records, the label that launched him into the music scene.

Lifestyles of The Rich and Rapping: Snoop Dogg’s Notable Possessions and Ventures

Snoop Dogg is the king of bling who knows how to live it up. Coming from a more-than-humble background, it’s no surprise that he’s living the high life after his success. His swanky houses, his cool cars, and his high-flying business pursuits scream “celebrity lifestyle” loud and clear.

Snoop’s main abode is a luxurious mansion in Diamond Bar, California, that he purchased in 1998 for only $720K. It’s now worth $1.7 million. Not a bad investment. It boasts four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and almost 4,000 square feet of property to enjoy in a private gated community. Another pad is just down the street (yes, Snoop is his own neighbor), where he has built a full state-of-the-art recording studio he has dubbed “The Chuuuch.”

Opening Snoop’s garage, your eyes will instantly be drawn to the 1966 Pontiac Parisienne ‘Lakers Edition’, decked out in the team’s classic yellow and purple. Snoop had given it to his late friend Kobe Bryant when he retired in 2016. If you can pull your eyes away from the Parisienne, you’ll also see Snoop’s snazzy Chrysler 300C, a vintage ’67 Cadillac de Ville he calls ‘Brown Sugar’ (with a chandelier in the back, no less!), and an amazing Ford Mustang GT Funkmaster Flex Edition, and a Polaris Slingshot, a real alien-looking three-wheeler.

One more thing about Snoop – he’s got heart and he’s been giving back in a big way. He started the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL), creating opportunities for inner-city kids (like he used to be) to get into football or cheerleading. This has been a game-changer in his community, proving that Snoop’s not just about the high life, he’s also a stand-up guy.

Inside Tha Dogg Pound: Snoop’s Personal Life

When the lights go down and the speakers turn off, Snoop Dogg is all about the family life. He married his wife, entrepreneur Shante Taylor, in 1997, and together they have three cool kids: Corde, Cordell, and Cori Broadus, who are all making their own waves in the world in entertainment and business. These days, he’s the proud grandparent of five grandkids. Snoop credits his wife for keeping him grounded when things get tough, and has called her his “soulmate” many times.

Snoop’s not just about loving his immediate clan but he keeps it tight with his extended family too. He has another son named Julian Broadus from a previous relationship, with whom he still keeps in contact.

Navigating Controversies and Overcoming Hurdles: Snoop Dogg’s Major Events

Snoop Dogg has encountered the occasional bump on the road to the top; however, these controversies haven’t been enough to knock the rap legend off track.

As we mentioned above, while laying down beats for his first album, Doggystyle, Mr. D-O-double-G got mixed up in a drive-by shooting controversy in 1993. Even though he was eventually cleared, it did interfere with the flow of his career, significantly delaying his next album, Tha Doggfather. But Snoop, being Snoop, didn’t let it knock him out. He used it as a comeback catapult, and, man, did he come back.

Snoop Dogg more recently faced another storm: a sexual assault lawsuit filed by a “Jane Doe” stemming from an incident in 2013. The case was dismissed in 2022 and the charges dropped.