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Tommy Lee’s Net Worth in 2023

Tommy Lee is Worth $75 Million

Remember those wild nights back in the ’80s, head-banging to the heavy rock tunes? If you do, then you know the name Tommy Lee. The man’s not only known as the epic drummer of Mötley Crüe, he’s made a name for himself in the business world. The net worth of this rock legend is an insane $75 million! It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin faster than one of his drum solos!

Just how did this drummer boy make so much dough? Well, let’s break it down. It’s been a wild mix of making music and savvy investments. His journey from banging drums in Suite 19 and Mötley Crüe to exploring a world beyond music is mind-blowing.

NameThomas Lee Bass
ProfessionMusician, Songwriter, Founding Member of Mötley Crüe
Net Worth$75 million
BirthplaceAthens, Greece
BirthdayOctober 3, 1962 (Libra)
Height6 ft 2.5 in (189 cm)
Relationship StatusMarried to Brittany Furlan

Crue-sing Along: Tommy’s early life and career breakthrough

Born in Athens, Greece, to an American army sergeant and a mom who was a Miss Greece ’57 contestant, Tommy Lee first answered to Thomas Lee Bass. Just a year in, his family packed up and headed to California where Tommy started grooving with music. His journey started with a single drum at age four and evolved into a full drum kit by his teens. After wrapping up high school, he dove headfirst into the music scene, joining a band named Suite 19 and rocking it out on the Sunset Strip in L.A.

His chumming around with Nikki Sixx during his Suite 19 times was the turning point. Nikki was so jazzed by Tommy’s drum skills, he convinced Tommy to leave Suite 19, and jam with his new band. And that’s how the duo laid the foundation for Mötley Crüe, one of the biggest heavy metal bands of the ’80s. Thomas became “Tommy Lee”, the guy we all know and love, also dubbed “T-Bone” by Nikki.

Mötley Crüe weren’t just some metal jinglers, but a full-on theatrical spectacle, quickly gathering a massive fanbase. Their debut album, Too Fast for Love, dropped in ’81 and was a huge hit, even before the gang signed up with Elektra Records.

Known for his eye-popping antics like spinning his drum kit, or even elevating it above the crowd while jamming, Tommy Lee was more than just another name in the rock world.

Too Rich For Love: Tommy’s revenue from his main career

From the moment Tommy Lee stepped up to the drums with Mötley Crüe, his bank account started blowing up. The rich rocker got his start piling up the cash with the band’s first album, Too Fast for Love, back in 1981. That debut knocked it out of the park, adding a cool million to Tommy’s loot.

Then came Shout at the Devil in 1983, and things got real, real quick. This album took the Crüe to the top of the rock world, going four times platinum and handing Tommy a hefty $4.335 million. The hits (and cash) kept rolling in as albums like Theatre of Pain ($4.3 million in ’85), Girls, Girls, Girls ($4.2 million in ’87) and Dr. Feelgood (a wild $6.4 million in ’89) stacked the bills high in Tommy’s vault.

On top of all that, Mötley Crüe made a pretty penny on their compilation and live albums. Their greatest-hits record in ’98 tossed another $500,000 in Tommy’s treasure chest.

Outside of Motley Crue, though still within the realm of music, Tommy started the band Methods of Mayhem, taking advantage of the rap metal wave back in the ’90s. They dropped a killer album in 1999, which got him some nice extra bucks when they went on tour.

A Drummer Diversifies: Tommy’s revenue streams beyond Motley Crue

You’ve got to give Tommy his due for mixing it up, financially speaking. Just like his drumming style, his money-making moves are all over the map. For instance, his stint in reality TV with “Tommy Lee Goes to College”. Though it didn’t last long, it sure did add some more coin to his bank account and helped him reach an audience beyond his music fans.

He then dove into the tech world, lending his voice to a character named ‘The Truth’ in the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game. Not only did this add another stream of income for him, but it also upped his cool quotient among the gaming crowd.

Luxury with a Beat: Notable possessions and charity endeavors

Tommy Lee is no stranger to the world of luxe. You should see his parking lot. Five Rolls-Royces that add up to $1.58M, alongside three Ferraris—one of which is a sexy black F8 Tributo priced at $280,000. Plus, he’s got a $110K Fisker Karma, a $148K Audi R8, a $185K Mercedes-Maybach, and a $51K Chevy Impala.

His digs are super cool, too. The drum king is big on real estate and hasn’t shied away from splurging on fabulous properties. Just last year, he bought a double lot in Brentwood—a sleek, Japanese-inspired pad worth $4.15 million. Smaller than his last house but super chic, this place has stunning handcrafted woodwork and mind-blowing Zen spaces. And before this, he had a mansion in Calabasas, bought for $5.85 million in 2007, which was later sold at $3.6 million in 2023.

But Tommy isn’t just all about cars and cribs. The guy has a huge heart for animals. He is a vocal supporter of PETA and often raises his voice against animal cruelty. He went all out against SeaWorld for the treatment of Tilikum, a captive orca. Plus, he even wrote to Alberta Premier Alison Redford once, asking to put a stop to the chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede after a number of horses died.

Behind the Drums: Tommy Lee’s personal life

Tommy’s love life is as colorful as his music, dotted with headline-grabbing romances. First there was Elaine Starchuk, whom he married in ’84, but their union survived just one revolution around the sun. Next up, actress Heather Locklear walked down the aisle with him in 1986, but they called it quits seven years later. Easily Tommy’s most talked–about relationship was with Pamela Anderson, which gifted him two kids. The pair were hitched just four days after meeting and but would part ways in ’98 amid quite the storm.

His kids, Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger, are carving out their own creative journeys. Brandon’s got his finger in the acting and design pies, even churning out his clothing line and making appearances in films and reality TV. Meanwhile, Dylan’s making waves as a model and musician, even snagging a spot in the Saint Laurent 2016 show.

These days, Tommy’s heart beats for social media influencer Brittany Furlan, whom he married on Valentine’s Day 2019. They’re both social media addicts and love sharing snaps and stories with their followers.

In 2020, Tommy dropped a huge reveal: He’d sobered up after years of battling with alcohol addiction, a voyage he’s still on. Despite hardcore battles, dips and peaks, Tommy’s personal story reminds us of his drumming — unpredictable yet ceaselessly humming with resilience and relentless spirit.

Riding the Storms: Major events and controversies in Tommy Lee’s life

If there’s a rock star who has lived just as wild offstage as he does on it, it’s Tommy Lee. The drummer has almost made a separate career of being the subject of dramatic headlines and legal mishaps. While they may have negatively affected his career at times, they’ve also set Lee up for one incredible comeback story.

In 1998, Lee landed himself in jail for six months after he was nailed for assaulting his wife Pamela Anderson while she had their son Dylan in her arms. In the middle of all that mess, he swore he’d quit Mötley Crüe and stuck to his word after their “Greatest Hits” tour in ’99. He then brawled with Kid Rock at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. Lee was ejected, while Kid Rock had to plead guilty to assault charges.