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Travis Barker’s Net Worth in 2023: His Multi-Million-Dollar Beat

Travis Barker Net Worth is $50 Million

Ever found yourself jamming out on your steering wheel to some blink-182? You can thank the epic Travis Barker for that – the man behind those killer beats. This guy’s given punk’s heart a whole new rhythm and gained a whopping $50 mill in the process.

Travis arrived on planet Earth on November 14, 1975, in Fontana, California to a mechanic dad and a devoted babysitter mum. Since then, he’s done more than just rock out—he’s rocked his way to fame and fortune that extends beyond blink-182. And no, he’s not just reeling in cash from tearing up the stage or selling records. This punk rocker’s also shown he’s got entrepreneurial chops, diving into everything from reality TV to the fashion scene, and even publishing. Beats and the business brain — Travis boasts both.

He has gone from playing drums as a kid to being a multi-millionaire rhythm god. Now, that’s a wild ride! Ready to deep dive into Travis Barker’s life and epic fortune? We’ll explore his early career, diverse cash flow, assets, personal life, and the thrilling ups and downs on his journey to becoming punk-rock royalty.

NameTravis Landon Barker
ProfessionDrummer, Music Producer, Entrepreneur
Net Worth$50 Million
BirthplaceFontana, California, USA
BirthdayNovember 14, 1975 (Scorpio)
Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Relationship StatusMarried to Kourtney Kardashian

Marching to the Beat: Travis Barker’s early career and breakthrough

Travis Barker was a four-year-old in Fontana, California, when he grabbed a pair of drumsticks for the very first time and instantly found his groove. He got a little more practice in during high school, marching in the band at Fontana High, and even toured with his first band, Feeble.

After graduation, Travis took up a job as a trash man — not exactly rock-star territory. But 1994 proved to be a big year for him: he got a chance to jam with the punk rock crew, the Aquabats, under the badass alias “Baron Von Tito”.

Travis dropped his first album with the Aquabats in 1997 called The Fury of the Aquabats! but the universe had something even more rad planned for this dude. When the original drummer from blink-182 quit in 1998, Travis was the guy they called to fill those shoes.

Hooking up with blink-182 wasn’t just a job, it was his big break. Their first tour in 1999 was epic, and then there was the American Pie cameo that same year. Travis Barker was suddenly everywhere — on your headphones, in your TV set, on the movie screen.

Rocking to the Top: Revenues from Travis Barker’s primary career

Travis Barker rose to the top because he grabbed the chance to bang the drums for the legendary punk rock squad blink-182. Back in 1998, he filled in as the drummer and, boy, did that decision pay off big time.

Blink-182 cranked out a bunch of albums that sold like hotcakes and seriously fattened Barker’s wallet. They gave us awesome tracks from such albums as Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (2001), blink-182 (2003), Neighborhoods (2011), California (2016), and Nine (2019). Barker was able to tour the world in support of those albums, rock out at concerts, and make a living doing what he so clearly loves.

Barker even started his own music label, LaSalle Records, under Atlantic Records in 2004. Even though some of the original artists dipped, the label still reps Barker and punk rock/rap mashup, the Transplants, and adds to Barker’s bottom line.

Beyond The Drum Kit: How Travis Barker is making bank outside of music

Travis Barker isn’t just banging on drumheads for cash. He’s crafty, and constantly finds new ways to rake in the dough, from launching his own business to investing and even picking up some lucrative sponsorship deals.

In 1999, for instance, Barker started up Famous Stars and Straps, a clothing line inspired by rock and rap. It sold well, pulling in some serious cash for him. Barker then teamed up with a bunch of clothing brands like DC Shoes, proving he possesses some serious entrepreneur skills.

Drums, fashion… and food. The guy’s got range, no doubt about it. Barker’s put money into Crossroads Kitchen, a trendy vegan spot on Melrose. In 2021, he invested a cool $1.8 million in MindRight, which, according to its site, is “the world’s first Good Mood-focused nutritional platform.” He also launched his wellness brand Barker Wellness and advertises it extensively on social media

Not content with music and business, Barker jumped into reality TV land in 2005 with Meet the Barkers. And you’ve likely seen him on ‘The Kardashians’ in 2021. All this screen time’s been good for his wallet and his rep, exposing himself to those who might not know him from his music career.

And just for kicks, Barker even backed a luxe enema kit in 2023, cheekily named for his band’s ’99 album, Enema of the State. Priced at a whopping $182, it certainly added a wacky footnote to his business saga.

Living the Dream: Barker’s greatest finds and big-hearted moves

Travis Barker doesn’t just sit on the dollars he has earned; he knows how to enjoy them. From an awe-inspiring caboodle of cars to high-priced pads, Barker’s blown us all away with his lavish living.

He’s got a $2.8-million mansion in Calabasas, California, that he has made available for rent for $27,000 a month, and another deluxe property in the same neighborhood that he snagged for a whopping $9.5 million in 2007. Plus, he once got his hands on a sweet 4-bedroom house in Cheviot Hills, which he sold off for a cool $4.5 million.

Barker’s also got a thing for fast, flashy rides — 20, in particular, including Lamborghini, Cadillacs, Rolls-Royces, Ferraris, Porsches, and G-wagons. Clearly, he likes a bit of variety when getting around.

He’s got a soft spot for our animal buddies. In 2017, he partnered up with PETA for a campaign to care for critters, using his fame and fortune to encourage people to report animal cruelty and “make some noise for animals.”

Behind the Beats: Travis Barker’s personal life

Travis Barker is a total firecracker onstage, serving rhythm and energy like nobody’s business. But once those drumsticks are down? His life’s a whirl of family, mates, love affairs, and meaningful ties.

He said “I do” to Kourtney Kardashian in a Vegas wedding in April 2022, after popping the question in October 2021. The now-married couple topped it off with a dreamy ceremony in Italy’s Portofino.

He’s also the dad of two cool kids: Alabama Luella Barker and Landon Asher Barker. Plus, he totally considers Atiana De La Hoya, his former stepdaughter from his past marriage, as one of his own.

His life hasn’t always been all glitz and rock ‘n’ roll, though. He split with Shanna Moakler in 2008 in a messy divorce that was not short on drama.

Overcoming Crashes and Clashes: Major events in Travis Barker’s life

Travis Barker has endured some seriously rough patches that have shaken up his world.

In 2008, Travis somehow lived through a terrifying plane crash. Sadly, four out of the six people on board didn’t make it — including two of his own crew members and good friend Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein. He was seriously hurt, with major burns covering 65% of his body. Consequently, he underwent an incredible 26 surgeries following the accident.

After the crash, Barker sued and settled cases with several companies tied to the tragedy. In 2018 the physical maladies continued. He would take a hospital to court, claiming that it had misdiagnosed his blood clots, which led to further health problems.

In 2014, a massive fight between him and his ex-wife Shanna Moakler got so bad the cops were called. Despite the law’s involvement, there were no arrests.