Arnold Schwarzenegger Net worth

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Full Name: Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger Actor, Bodybuilder, Politician, Businessman

Born in Thal, a small Austrian town, in 1947, Arnie kicked off a life journey that turned him into a worldwide sensation. It’s easy to forget he was a big deal long before reaching our shores.

Perhaps his most memorable role was the t101 (or T-800, depending on your viewpoint) killing machine in The Terminator (1984). Arnold’s cash registers rang louder with every sequel. Starting with a humble $75,000 for the first film, his paycheck skyrocketed to $12 million for T2: Judgment Day.

When it comes to cars, the Terminator has got some serious wheels. His drool-worthy car collection ranges from the ultra-luxurious Bugatti Veyron and Bentley Continental GTC, to downright funky rides like the Custom Kreisel Electric G500 and a tough-as-nails Hummer H1.

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