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Full Name: Clinton Eastwood Jr. Actor, Director, Producer

Before Clint Eastwood became a bona fide Hollywood icon, he was known better as the son of Ruth Wood and Clinton Eastwood, born May 31, 1930, in San Francisco, California, dreaming big and charging ahead in pursuit of those dreams. Clint got his first taste of success in the late ’50s

The real dough started pouring in when Clint swapped the silver screen for the director’s chair. His first gig at the helm was Play Misty for Me, but it was Unforgiven (1992) and Million Dollar Baby (2004) that really fattened his wallet as they smashed box office records and scooped up eight Academy Awards.

He’s also a real estate guru, dealing in more than just greens and clubhouses. One look at the historic Mission Ranch and he saw dollar signs.

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