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Full Name: David Robert Joseph Beckham OBE Former Professional Footballer, Co-owner of Inter Miami, Businessman

He was born in a working-class East London neighborhood (Leytonstone to be exact), his dad was a kitchen-fitter and his mom a hairdresser. They weren’t rich, seemingly a world away from the glamor and riches that would become part of Beckham’s life.

The money really started rolling in after his LA Galaxy move in 2007. Even though he took a pay cut with a base salary of just $9.5 million a year, his clever negotiating skills proved their worth. Beckham claimed a slice of the team’s revenue, putting his yearly earnings in the stratosphere at $73.9 million.

He’s partnered up with brand giants like H&M, Breitling, Sainsbury’s, Armani, Gillette, and PepsiCo – just to drop a few names. Oh, and let’s not forget the fan-favorite Adidas Predator boots he helped bring to life.

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