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Full Name: Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. Actor, Director, and Producer

Denzel, who was born on December 28, 1954, traded his cap and gown from Fordham University for the adrenaline-filled world of theater, starting his acting gig at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.

In the 2010s, Forbes recognized Denzel as one of 2013’s priciest actors. With standout roles pulling in big bucks, like the $33 million he earned from “Flight”, Denzel’s bank account continued to prosper.

 One gem in his hoard of posh possessions is a Beverly Park mansion, which measures a cool 29,000 square feet, which he snagged back in ’92 from Michael Eisner for a “humble” $2.7 million. Nowadays, it’s worth a whopping $32 million 

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