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Full Name: O’Shea Jackson Rapper, Actor

Ice Cube, or O’Shea Jackson at the time, grew up in South LA. He knew, by the age of 15, that hip hop was his future and developed his rhyming skills to make that a reality. For source material, he only had to look at his environment — the hood.

Ice Cube’s substantial net worth of $160 million speaks volumes about the man’s talent and versatility. A true pioneer of gangsta rap, Ice Cube dropped some major dough-makers in the form of game-changing albums.

The man added to his already-insane income with his involvement in 2017 with the BIG3. This knockout 3-on-3 pro-ball league with ex-NBA players on board has been a total hit. Fans are nuts about it, and some juicy sponsorship deals are pouring in.

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