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Full Name: Jada Koren Pinkett Smith Actress, Singer, Businesswoman

Jada has always been serious about acting. In fact, she bagged her diploma from the Baltimore School for the Arts back in ’89. She hit the acting scene while still a young starlet.

It is presumed a huge chunk of her fortune comes from her consistent roles in those big-ticket movies. The Nutty Professor, in which she shared the screen with comedy legend Eddie Murphy, was a massive hit, pulling in $274 million worldwide.

Maja, Jada’s clothing line, hit the scene in 2002. It was fabulously flavored with African and Indian influences, illustrating Jada’s focus on cultures beyond Americana. Even though we’re not privy to the exact financial details of this fashion line, it fared well, given that celebrity clothing lines were quite the rage back then.

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