JOHN CENA Net worth

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Full Name: John Felix Anthony Cena Professional Wrestler, Actor, Reality TV Host, Rapper

Born April 23, 1977, he was practically flexing before he could talk. He hit the gym hard at Springfield College, Massachusetts, after graduating in 1999 and turned his love for working out into a stepping stone towards a killer career in wrestling and entertainment.

Cena started to seriously cash in on the wrestling gig around 2016 when he bagged a cool $9.5 million from his WWE salary and merch sales. His income did take a bit of a hit in 2017 though, dropping to $8 million.

He’s partnered with some powerhouse brands. Thanks to a mix of charm and fame, Cena has signed big-money deals with everyone from Subway to Honda and Gillette, bringing in a cool $1.5 million a year.

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