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Full Name: John Burke Krasinski Actor, Director, Writer and Producer

Born and brought up in Newton, Massachusetts, John Krasinski, the baby brother of three, knew from a young age that he was destined for the spotlight. High school is where it all started, with his buddy B.J. Novak writing and casting him in a hilarious satirical play.

John Krasinski started off on The Office earning a respectable $20,000 an episode for the first three seasons. The sitcom turned out to be a mega-hit—thanks in part to the charm of its leading hunk. So John got a proper raise. His paycheck hopped five times up to $100,000 an episode

During the pandemic, while the world stayed home amid turmoil, John self-produced Some Good News—a YouTube series that delivered only good news. It was a huge hit, delivering to the people what they so badly needed during a turbulent period

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