Jordan Belfort Net worth

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Full Name: Jordan Ross Belfort Author, Motivational Speaker, Former Stockbroker

Born and bred in The Bronx, New York, on July 9, 1962, Jordan Belfort proved from an early age that he had a knack for the hustle. He started off running a seafood and meat operation back in the ’80s.

Jordan Belfort made a fortune as a high-rolling stockbroker. His brainchild, Stratton Oakmont, was a real money-spinner, handing out millions in revenue like candy. Belfort—holding more than half of Stratton’s equity—wasn’t shy about pocketing $3 million annually.

His con game at Stratton Oakmont snowballed into a criminal conviction for securities fraud and money laundering. By 2003, he was sentenced to four years in jail, although he got out in 22 months. One of the rulings was that he had to pay back a headline-grabbing $110.4 million to his swindle victims.

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