Kourtney Kardashian Net worth

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Full Name: Kourtney Mary Kardashian Barker Entrepreneur, Reality Television Star

Growing up as the eldest Kardashian kid, Kourtney had fame and fortune baked into her DNA. With a dad like Robert Kardashian, L.A.’s high-profile lawyer, and a mum like Kris Jenner, who could outsmart anyone in business, it’s no wonder she was destined for stardom.

The exact figure on Kourtney’s payday from the show is hush-hush but it’s rumored she raked in a hefty piece of her fortune from this reality gig. Considering the Kardashian crew struck profitable deals with E! for the KUWTK show, it’s safe to say Kourtney’s share added a few zeros to her bank account.

Totally in sync with her mantra for healthy living, Kourtney released Lemme, her own line of all-natural eatable supplements, in 2022. This project shows off her commitment to well-being and adds more flavor to her money-making platform.

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