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Full Name: Kylie Kristen Jenner Reality TV Star, Businesswoman, Social Media Influencer

Born and raised in LA on August 10, 1997, Kylie Jenner boarded her ride to stardom when she was still in diapers. She’s the youngest kid of Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner, whom you might remember as Bruce Jenner, the Olympic phenom.

2020 rolled in and Kylie pulled a power move like a boss, selling off a majority share (we’re talking 51%) of Kylie Cosmetics to Coty, Inc. — the same bigwigs who own brands such as CoverGirl and Tiffany & Co. The price tag for a piece of the action? $600 million, which put a stunning $540 million (before taxes) straight into Kylie’s pocket.

In 2016, Kylie and her sister Kendall launched their own clothing line, Kendall + Kylie — a fabulous collection in which they’ve translated their personal fashion tastes into pieces that we all want in our wardrobes.

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