LIL DURK Net worth

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Full Name: Durk Derrick Banks Rapper, Songwriter, Entrepreneur

Lil Durk, born Durk Derrick Banks, has come a long way from Chicago, Illinois, where it all began. Bursting onto the scene in the 2010s, he’s been steadily improving his wealth, thanks to being a sick rapper, record label founder, and entrepreneur.

Lil Durk isn’t just big in the states; he enjoys global appeal. His tunes have topped charts globally, giving him international credibility and contributed to the size of his bank accounts, as have his streaming numbers and staggering live shows.

Lil Durk founded OTF Gaming in 2010, and owns a trucking company called Asking About Trucking and A&B Real Estate Management. The diversity of his portfolio could be one factor that has contributed to his earnings.

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