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Full Name: Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg Actor, Producer, Businessman

Born on June 5, 1971, he was the wildcard in the large family of Alma Elaine and Donald Edward Wahlberg. Mark was only 11 when his folks broke up, and was forced to live with that many siblings in a small space. It was in this chaos and struggle that Mark found his springboard to stardom.

Mark Wahlberg can count $400 million in his bank, thanks to his talents in front of the camera. Whether it’s comedy or drama, the man can do it all. Remember the laugh-riot Ted in 2012? Mark stashed away a nice $7.5 million from that one.

Mark was reportedly banking up to $3 million a year as an executive producer on HBO’s “Entourage”. That show was on the air for a hefty eight years and even spawned its own movie in 2015. 

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