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Full Name: Orenthal James Simpson Retired NFL Player, TV Personality, Convicted Criminal

O.J. Simpson, a San Francisco native, was born on July 9, 1947, as one of Eunice and Jimmy Simpson’s brood. Even though he began life in a low-key way, nobody could have guessed what a crazy, zig-zag ride he was about to take to stardom.

His whopping $650,000 contract with the Buffalo Bills changed the game for players and their paychecks completely. After his football career ended, he still received a beefy pension from the NFL ($10,600 every month. So even if he’s not on the field anymore, OJ still profits from his career.

Big brands like Pioneer Chicken, Hertz rentals, the pX Corporation, and HoneyBaked Ham, all wanted to be linked with the star in the ’70s. He even snagged a cool $250,000 deal from Chevrolet for three years.

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