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Full Name: Pamela Denise Anderson Actress, Model

Pamela Anderson, a feisty Canadian girl, born to Barry and Carol Anderson on July 1, 1967 (the centenary of her home and native land), hails from Ladysmith, British Columbia.

Back in the day, playing our beloved eye-candy C.J. Parker, she was making $1,500 an episode. But Pam’s on-screen charm and rising star power soon changed the game, scoring her a crazy bump to nearly $300,000 an episode. Add those checks up and you arrive at a sweet $6.6 million a season!

Recent brand partnerships include the collaboration with high-fashion designer swimwear Frankies Bikinis. She also got featured in countless video clip including “Touch the Sky” by Kanye West, “Miserable” by Lit, “Bling Man” by Aerosmith.

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