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Full Name: Frederick Jay Rubin American record producer

Rick Rubin’s journey to being one of music’s most influential producers begins on the streets of Long Island, the same streets where Rubin kicked around as a kid back in the day. Being a kid during those last days of punk rock in New York really rubbed off on him.

Rubin was making serious dough from producing music for all kinds of A-listers like Eminem, Metallica, and the Dixie Chicks. His production gigs were a major part of his income. Plus, he wasn’t just sticking to one genre – he was dipping his toes into all kinds of tunes: rock, country, pop, and let’s not forget about hip hop and thrash metal.

Of course, Rubin’s fat account shows off in his garage, too. He’s got a sweet BMW 3-Series Convertible worth $59,800, an Audi A7 with an $88,900 price tag, and a Range Rover adding another cool $135,670 to his collection of ride-on luxuries.

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