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Full Name: Scotty Maurice Pippen Sr. Retired NBA player, Businessman

Graduating high school was a milestone, but Scottie wasn’t getting showered with basketball scholarships. He was all height and no heft. But he didn’t let that get him down. Instead, he headed to the University of Central Arkansas.

Pippen wasn’t an exception to this rule. Cutting his teeth in the NBA, he scored a four-year deal for $2.8 million in 1987. Fast forward to ’91 and Pippen cashed in on a seven-year deal worth $19.4 million

Aside from his NBA paychecks, Scottie drew in the funds by working with some of the world’s biggest brands like Nike, Ameritech Cellular TV and Coca-Cola. He even got in on the sneaker game with the Nike Pippen 1s from ’97.

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