VIN DIESEL Net worth

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Full Name: Mark Sinclair Actor, Producer, Director

He was born Mark Sinclair (though, to us, he looks more like a Vin than a Mark) in Alameda County, California back in 1967. Despite the nice weather, he didn’t stick around the West Coast long, moving to New York City’s Greenwich Village to be raised by his mom and stepdad along his twin brother Paul Vincent.

n 2001, Vin crushed it in “The Fast and The Furious” — the first chapter of a mega-money spinner of a franchise. As the cheeky but brave street racer Dominic Toretto, Vin pocketed $2 million. And with every instalment, that paycheck got revved up.

One Race Films, his production company, has been a total money-spinner since Vin set it up way back in ’95, and it’s backed a bunch of his films too. The result? A serious boost to his bank balance.

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