Zendaya’s Net Worth in 2023

Zendaya Net Worth is $25 Million

Zendaya is the ultimate multi-tasker. Actress, singer, fashion-forward superstar, and life-changer – she’s pretty much your modern-day Wonder Woman. Born Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, she’s known all over the globe just by her first name, which only the truly elite can pull off. This sweet daughter of teachers has rocketed to the peaks of superstardom and guess what? She’s also packed a money bag of $25 million.

Born and raised in Oakland, California, Zendaya transformed a childhood interest in the arts into a career that’s placed her in some of the coolest shows, movies, and even gave us some solid tunes.

But there’s far more to Zendaya than ‘Lights, Camera, Zendaya, swooning fans, it’s all so glamorous.’ From awesome fashion collaborations to making real changes through her philanthropy, she’s constantly molding her legacy and filling her piggy bank.

Full NameZendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman
ProfessionActress, Singer, Model, and Fashion Designer
Net Worth$25 Million
BirthplaceOakland, California, USA
BirthdaySeptember 1, 1996 (Virgo)
Height5’10” (178 cm)
Relationship StatusIn a Relationship

The Rise of a Multitalented Star: Zendaya’s early life, career, and breakthrough

Zendaya, fresh-faced and full of energy, spent her youth busting moves on the vibrant streets of Oakland, California. Being the offspring of teachers Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu, she was dancing her way into a bright future before most of us even had our plans in check. From hip hop to Hula, she was adept at it all, flexing her star quality while mixing it up with Future Shock Oakland and the Academy of Hawaiian Arts.

Zendaya wasn’t just about dancing though. She embraced the entire arts scene (and continues to do so today), from joining top art programs like the Cal Shakes Conservatory and the American Conservatory Theater to nailing every role she landed. She stole the show in “Once on This Island” at the Berkeley Playhouse and “Caroline, or Change” at Palo Alto’s TheaterWorks in California, proving she’s not just a high-kicker but a born actor as well.

The big break came in 2010, when she became “Rocky” Blue in a little Disney show called “Shake It Up”. Zendaya was the heart of the series, shaking up Chicago with two teens dreaming big and dancing their hearts out. Soon, fans worldwide started to crush on her irresistible charm and dynamism. The show ended in 2013, but not before catapulting Zendaya to stardom.

It was also around this time she made her move into the music industry. Zendaya dropped her debut single “Swag It Out” in 2011 and then knocked us all out with her first album, Zendaya, featuring everybody’s favorite “Replay”. And just when we thought she couldn’t get any cooler, she wrote a book: Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years with Style and Confidence

Zendaya bade goodbye to “Shake It Up” but kept the TV screen warm as the star of Disney’s “K.C. Undercover”, even wearing the producer’s hat for a few episodes. Her Disney days may have been special, but they were merely the opening act for Zendaya’s Hollywood debut.

From Humble Beginnings to Mega Stardom:
A dive Into Zendaya’s career earnings

Going from a kids’-show performer to a full-blown Hollywood superstar often means a nice jump in pay. Zendaya was no exception.

The dough started to seriously stack when the young actress scored the role of Raquel (“Rocky”) Blue on the Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up”. She spent three years playing this much-loved character, cashing in a cool $140,000 along the way.

After “Shake It Up” put her on the map, Zendaya remained with the Disney crew, taking the lead role in “K.C. Undercover”. From 2015 to 2018, she didn’t just act in the show but also produced a few episodes, raking in over a million bucks for her efforts.

Zendaya’s trove of treasure really started overflowing when she landed her part in the crazy-popular “Spider-Man” series. For playing Michelle “MJ” Jones, she reportedly earned at least $10 million from bonus checks alone.

The current jewel in Zendaya’s crown, HBO’s “Euphoria”, landed her a big contract for the upcoming third season, catapulting her earnings to just short of $1 million an episode. This deal puts her on the same pedestal as Michael Keaton and Elisabeth Moss, making her one of the top earners on the streaming circuit.

Branching Out Beyond the Spotlight: A glimpse into Zendaya’s alternative revenue streams

Zendaya excels as a singer and actress, but the girl’s no slouch as a businesswoman, either. She’s been rocking the fashion scene for years, making waves in the beauty industry, and making huge strides as an entrepreneur.

Zendaya’s known to turn heads with her style. In 2020, she became the new face of Valentino, making waves in the fashion world. A year earlier, Tommy Hilfiger noticed Zendaya’s style vibe and teamed up with her for a cool collection, all of which have lined her pockets considerably.

Besides glamming up fashion, Zendaya has also made a foray into the beauty scene, scoring mega deals with CoverGirl back in 2016 and then Lancôme in 2019. These beauty partnerships boosted her income and elevated her standing in the fashion and beauty industry.

Oh, and her self-titled 2013 album with hits like “Replay” didn’t hurt the health of her bank account.

From the arts world Zendaya took a leap into tech in 2022, featuring in a Squarespace ad to promote their e-commerce juju.

Living the Luxe Life: Zendaya’s notable possessions and philanthropic endeavors

Zendaya has been killing it in her career, so who can blame her for wanting some of the finer things in life, like an epic house collection and flashy rides.

Let’s talk real estate. Back in 2017, she bought her first home, a beautiful Mediterranean pad in Northridge, Los Angeles, for a cool $1.4 million. She then snapped up an unreal multi-acre spot in the swanky Encino neighborhood of the San Fernando Valley for $4 million. Then in 2021, she switched coasts and landed a chic-as-can-be apartment in Brooklyn’s Quay Tower for $4.9 million.

From epic homes to epic cars, Zendaya‘s got a swanky Range Rover SV Autobiography, an Audi RS7, not to mention a Mercedes E-Class, amongst others. Talk about a jaw-dropping garage!

But she’s not just about living in the lap of luxury, Zendaya’s got a big heart, too. Remember when she started the “12 Days of Christmas Giving” on her app in 2017? Each day she shined the spotlight on a different charity and got her followers to help out. Charities like #HashtagLunchbag, all about fighting hunger, got some love during that time. And let’s not forget when she partnered with Yoobi and gave some seriously needed school supplies to the students of Global Family Elementary School back home.

Even with her business gigs, she’s been making a difference. She teamed up with smartwater and Global Water Challenge to make sure people have access to clean water, and help local communities grow stronger.

Beyond the Stardom: A look into Zendaya’s personal life

Zendaya’s from Oakland, born to a couple of teachers, Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu. Her name means ‘to give thanks’ in Shona, a language spoken in Zimbabwe where her father is from.

Z’s love life is the stuff of fantasy. Her on-screen sparks with Spidey star Tom Holland hopped out of the screen and into real life; it’s charmed the world over — people can’t get enough of these young lovebirds.

Don’t get the wrong idea, though. Zendaya seems to prefer her private life kept as far away from the spotlight as possible. She’s big on privacy, standing her ground, and starting proper conversations. In 2015, drama erupted at the Oscars when she clapped back at those ridiculous hair-shaming comments. Queen Z educated everyone on notions of culture and identity respect.

And when it’s time to clock out of work, Zendaya will chill at basketball games, get lost in books, or hang with the family. She’s also got an eye for art, and is even jazzing up her place with her personal style and art collection.

Challenging Stereotypes: Zendaya’s stand against controversy

In 2015 Zendaya arrived at the Oscars with a bold look that featured dreadlocks. Giuliana Rancic, as the co-host of E! News’ “Fashion Police”, sounded off on Zendaya’s dreads on live television.

Rancic suggested that Zendaya’s locks were probably giving off a funky smell. Once Zendaya caught wind of the comments, she did not let them slide. Instead of lowering herself in a bout of insults, she replied via Instagram, schooling Rancic on how offensive her comments were.

Rancic eventually apologized on Twitter and TV, acknowledging her faux-pas and underlining the very thing Zendaya called her out for – combating stereotypes. 

Post-drama, Zendaya became even more of a boss in the public’s eyes. Her epic response initiated further conversation about the importance of respecting individuality and cultural diversity. Even in a hairy situation (pardon the pun), Zendaya showed us she’s not just an awesome actress and singer, but also a stand-up figure and role model, turning controversy into a win.