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DaBaby Net Worth in 2023

DaBaby’s Net Worth is $7 Million

Get ready for a wild ride into the life of DaBaby. He was born as Jonathan Kirk in 1991, hit the rap scene running, and hasn’t looked back.

Thanks to his standout style and infectious energy, DaBaby’s quickly become a major player in pop culture, with a bank balance to match. As of 2022, he has amassed about $7 million, mainly from his booming music career.

Now, life hasn’t always been smooth sailing for DaBaby, but he keeps bouncing back, dropping hot tracks one after another and even dipping his toes into other ventures. But how’d he stack up his worth? And what’s he splurging on with all that dough? Read on as we pull back the curtain on DaBaby’s life.

NameJonathan Lyndale Kirk
Net Worth$7 Million
BirthplaceCleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
BirthdayDecember 22, 1991
Height5 ft 7 in (169 cm)
Relationship StatusSingle

From Street Life to Stardom: Early career and initial breakthrough

It all kicked off in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1991. Born as Jonathan Kirk, DaBaby moved when he was six with his family to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he was exposed to the brutality of street life. But greater things were in the pipeline for DaBaby. He took a leap of faith in December 2014 and started rapping, going by the moniker Baby Jesus. His first big project, a mixtape called NonFiction hit the scene just a month later, in January 2015.

That year DaBaby got serious about music as a profession. He quickly followed up NonFiction with a string of albums from his God’s Work and Baby Talk mixtape series, and others like Billion Dollar Baby, and Back on My Baby Jesus Sh*t. Although he was making waves as ‘Baby Jesus’, he rebranded himself as DaBaby. But the name change didn’t slow down his ride to the top — it was actually just the beginning.

DaBaby’s efforts grabbed the attention of Arnold Taylor, the CEO at the South Coast Music Group label. Taylor got a glimpse of DaBaby lighting up several North Carolina clubs when he was looking to launch his label. He had previously helped southern rap stars like Yo Gotti and Future rise to fame and saw a similar spark in DaBaby, so he got him onboard.

Through this cool gig with South Coast, DaBaby hooked up a brief distribution deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation for his Blank Blank mixtape. This was a massive deal, putting DaBaby on the map in late 2018.

Cashing in on Hip Hop: Revenue from main career

We don’t have a full breakdown of DaBaby’s earnings, but in light of his success since skyrocketing to fame in 2018 when he dropped Blank Blank, it’s been reported his net worth is around $5 million as of 2022

The figure is unsurprising, given many of his tracks have featured on the Billboard Hot 100. We can also deduce that a good chunk of DaBaby’s net worth comes from album sales, streams, and gigs. Even though he’s only been in the game a few years, the guy is a success and that success has translated into considerable earnings.

Financial Success Beyond the Mic: DaBaby’s Other Revenue Streams

Beyond the rhymes and catchy beats, DaBaby knows how to hustle. While rapping is his main gig, he didn’t put all his dollar bills in one gold chain. Always on the lookout for new ways to stack his cash, DaBaby dipped his toes into the world of music label management. Back in 2017, he blessed us with Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment, a record label put on the map in his chosen hometown Charlotte, North Carolina.

Today, Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment signs paychecks for five artists. Its burgeoning success is such that DaBaby, along with earning some extra bread, has revealed plans to quit rapping and focus on creating the next big thing in music. “I won’t be rapping in five years,” he said. “I’ll be creating other superstars”. 

DaBaby’s all about that mogul life, and this move shows he’s got an entrepreneurial mind for days. He isn’t just about making hits, but by launching and growing his own label, he’s also nurturing fresh talent while getting a pretty sweet financial cushion for himself. This savvy financial strategy underlines his boss status and secures his bag in an industry that’s known for its unpredictability.

DaBaby’s Swanky Rides and Big-Hearted Vibes:
Notable possessions

When you’re rolling in dough like DaBaby, top-dollar wheels are the norm. He’s got a fine collection of swanky cars, with a garage that plays out like a showroom. He’s got a Mercedes-Benz GLS, a high-end Mercedes Maybach S650 and not one but two Lamborghinis – an Aventador and Huracan. He also rocks a pair of jaw-droppingly gorgeous Rolls-Royces – the Dawn and the Cullinan.

But before you think DaBaby is all about flashy rides, he’s got a big heart, too. In 2020, he kicked off in Charlotte what would become an annual event, his ‘Billion Dollar Baby Christmas’. He played Santa to over 200 kids, gifting them toys and household items. It was his way of giving back to the community and helping those in need. He’s also been spotted being a real G, one time handing over $1500 to a guy selling candy for a good cause.

DaBaby’s proving it ain’t all about the stacks and shiny diamonds—there’s a lot more to him. He’s a mix of being super rich and super kind, and it looks like he’s just getting started. He’s not only enjoying his success, he’s also sharing the love and making his neighborhood a better place.

Behind the Scenes: A peek into DaBaby’s personal life

DaBaby, real name Jonathan Kirk, didn’t exactly live the idyllic, picket-fence childhood dream. Though he was born in Cleveland, Ohio, he moved as a small child to Charlotte, North Carolina, and considers it his hometown. He’s an alum of Vance High School (class of 2010), and even dipped his toes into university life at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. But it wasn’t his scene — turns out, he was just trying to keep his folks happy.

When he’s not dropping beats, DaBaby is a full-time dad to four kids. His oldest, a girl, was born in 2017 and is his only biological child with ex-girlfriend, MeMe. DaBaby didn’t hesitate to step up as a father figure to MeMe’s son from another relationship. There’s also whispers that he might be the dad of young Nova, who was born in 2020. And in 2021, another bundle of joy entered the scene — this time with rapper and singer DaniLeigh, after a bit of a ‘will they, won’t they’ saga.

But for every moment of joy, there is also sorrow, and DaBaby’s life has not been immune to this. He lost his dad in 2019, just as his first album hit the shelves. He dedicated his second album to him, even featuring a sentimentally powerful cover of him being held as a baby by his late father. Another crushing blow was dealt when his brother, Glen Johnson, tragically took his own life in 2020.

In the end, DaBaby’s life has been a wild roller-coaster of touching moments and painful losses. And it’s this emotional roadmap that’s brought him here today — as a phenomenal rapper and a loving dad. He might be under the limelight, but DaBaby makes it a point to keep the soul of his life and bonds real and straight from the heart.

Riding the Waves of Controversy: DaBaby’s checkered past and major events

In November 2018, DaBaby was at a Walmart in Huntersville, North Carolina, when things took an ugly turn. A fight broke out and DaBaby would shoot a 19-year-old man, who would not survive the injury. DaBaby was arrested, though he was able to claim self-defense and charged only a misdemeanor for carrying a concealed weapon.

DaBaby found himself tangled with the law once again, in 2020. This time, Miami cops held him in relation to a robbery investigation in which DaBaby and his crew supposedly jumped a music promoter for skimping on performance dough. The incident earned him a battery charge.

The troubles continued in 2021. He made rude comments during a concert about people living with HIV/AIDS. Celebs and activists lambasted DaBaby, who eventually made a public apology, saying he didn’t “mean to offend anybody.”

In February 2022 DaBaby clashed with ex DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon Bills at a bowling alley in Los Angeles. Footage circulated online of the incident which shows DaBaby and his crew physically attacking Bills. Consequently, DaBaby’s now got an assault with a deadly weapon investigation on his plate.