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Steve-O Net Worth (2023)

Steve-O’s Net Worth is $5 Million

Known for his crazy stunts and mind-blowing antics that made him a name in (almost) every household, Steve-O is that wild card who never fails to surprise. But this Jackass star didn’t just wake up one morning to find fame and fortune knocking on his door. He had to break some bones—and possibly some laws—to score his significant wad of cash, all while maintaining a lifestyle that screams, “I’m here for a wild time, not a long time.”

Funny thing, despite all the fame and outrageous success of those early Jackass years, Steve-O didn’t start bathing in dollar bills from the get-go. You won’t believe this, but he made less than $1,500 after taxes for the first season. So while he may have snagged the fame, the fortune eluded him. At first.

Look at him, though, in 2022: an entertainer, an author, and a comedian with a net worth that’s nothing to joke about. Two decades into the game, Steve-O made it from being a penniless daredevil to a millionaire adrenaline junkie. How? We’ll dish the dirt on that later. But first, let’s take a moment to digest this – Steve-O’s net worth is $5 million!

NameStephen Gilchrist Glover
ProfessionStunt Performer, Author, Stand-up Comedian
Net Worth$5 million
BirthplaceWimbledon, England, UK
BirthdayJune 13, 1974 (Gemini)
NationalityBritish / American
Height5 ft 10 in (177 cm)
Relationship StatusEngaged (to Lux Wright)

A Gutsy Leap to Fame: The Early Life and Breakthrough of Steve-O

Daredevil Steve-O was actually born as Stephen Gilchrist Glover (no, “Steve-O” is not his real name), and not in the U.S., but across the pond, in Wimbledon, London. This wild child was bouncing between continents before most of us even had a passport, thanks to his dad’s job as an executive at a number of prominent food & beverage companies. After finishing up at the American School in London, Steve headed for a bit of sun and enrolled at the University of Miami, Florida. Maybe it was the consistent sunshine but Steve didn’t want to spend the next years of his life in a classroom and dropped out before the end of his freshman year.

But Steve-O is not one to let the grass grow under his feet. Next stop? The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. Read that again. Before you scoff, know that this place was hardcore, accepting only 33 people out of 2,000 applicants — and the soon-to-be Steve-O was one of them. But post-grad, he gave the circus life a miss, even though it’s usually a done deal for most grads. But then again, Steve-O has always marched to his own beat.

Crazy Stunts, Crazier Payouts: Steve-O’s Revenues from his Primary Career

Ever wonder how much you’d get paid to be a professional nutjob? Steve-O can fill you in. He’s made a mint from making us all laugh and cringe, all while taking a few—okay, plenty—of hard knocks along the way. With his no-holds-barred antics and fearless humor, he’s turned a risky gig into a goldmine.

It didn’t rain six-figure paychecks in those early days of Jackass. Steve-O got a couple of hundred bucks for making us laugh, a bit more if he was risking his neck (i.e., about $500). After the dust settled on that first season, Steve had just over a grand in his pocket. Not exactly Fortune 500, but, to his credit, Steve stuck to it, drilling into our funny bones (and, occasionally, his own) until he finally struck gold.

When Jackass hit the big screen, the dough really started rolling in. These movies made bank! We don’t know exactly how much of that cash made it into Steve-O’s pocket, but with Jackass: The Movie (2002) and Jackass Number 2 (2006) pulling in $80 million and $85 million respectively, you know he wasn’t left high and dry. These movies, plus regular TV appearances and tours around the world, really padded his bank account. His latest big achievement, Jackass Forever, filmed in 2022, topped the box office, making this crazy journey even more worth it.

Laughter to Lettering: Capitalizing on Eccentricities

Forget all those mind-bending stunts and infectious giggles, Steve-O is a straight-up business whiz. He knows how to turn almost any opportunity into a paycheck. Whether it’s writing bestsellers or cracking people up with his stand-up gigs, he’s got his fingers in all sorts of pies and his bank balance is tucking in.

When he’s not doing irreversible harm to himself, Steve wrote his memoir, appropriately titled Professional Idiot. It became a New York Times bestseller, outlining Steve’s wild ride and nerve-racking adventures. Motivated by the success of his first book, Steve has another in the on-deck circle: A Hard Kick In The Nuts: What I Learned From A Lifetime Of Terrible Decisions. If the title is anything to go by, this tome promises excitement on every page.

Then there’s his stand-up comedy show, the “Bucket List” tour. This gig is hot property! Going beyond the usual stand-up stuff, it’s got a unique multimedia element that’s led to jam-packed shows across the U.S. and Canada.

Steve-O’s also been hustling in the merch game, selling epic souvenirs from his crazy adventures. Like that time he got taped to a billboard in Hollywood in 2020 and then sold autographed pics of it.

Possessions and Philanthropy: The Wealth and Generosity of Steve-O

Forget the bling and high-flying life of the typical celeb. That’s not Steve-O. Though he boasts a wild exterior, his heart is bigger than his stunts; his oddball style is reflected in his unusual collection of goodies.

In classic Steve-O fashion, he pulled off a crazy stunt in 2020. He rented a billboard in Hollywood, but instead of advertising, he taped himself to it. But here’s where Steve-O really outdoes himself. He turned this jaw-dropping prank into a goldmine for charity. He sold signed pics of his billboard adventure, raked in $25,000, matched it with his own dough, and handed over a fat check of $50,000 to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation.

We don’t have the details on how many properties Steve-O owns or the kind of luxury cars he’s rolling in. That this info isn’t available is a tip of the hat to the man’s humility. Or at least that’s what we choose to believe.

Behind the Madcap Antics: The Personal Life of Steve-O

There’s more to Steve-O than crazy pranks and laughs. He’s had his fair share of heart flutters. His first wife, Candy Jane Tucker, was in his life pre-fame. Sadly, things went downhill in 2003 because of Steve-O’s partying ways. Then he took a shot at love again in 2008 with Brittany McGraw, but that ship sailed quickly. Nowadays, Steve is all about stylist Lux Wright. Sounds like our daredevil might be off the market for good.

He’s now a health freak, even turning vegan in 2010. Steve takes his diet seriously. And for all his tough-guy pranks, he’s a straight-up softie when it comes to animals.

Steve-O’s life, in the spotlight or not, is a wild ride of twists, turns, and epic comebacks. From heartbreaks and addiction battles, to clean living and standing up for furry friends, there’s way more to the dude than just his ‘hold my beer’ stunts.

From Headlines to Courtrooms: Controversies Surrounding Steve-O

2008 wasn’t an easy year for Steve-O. Amid all the fun and jokes, Steve-O has had to deal with some nasty demons like substance abuse. An ominous email sent to his friends and colleagues forced them to stage an intervention that saved him from going down a dark path. He was placed in a psychiatric hold and learned to clean up his act.

But it’s not just his stunts that have landed Steve-O in hot water. Back in 2015, he climbed a construction crane in L.A. to protest SeaWorld. While his heart was in the right place, his body, er… wasn’t. Steve-O got himself some criminal charges, including trespassing and use of unregistered fireworks (did we mention the fireworks?).

Then 2022 rolled in like a bowling ball in a china shop. Michael Vicens-Segura sued him for damages after getting hurt assisting Steve-O and Chris Pontius in a jet ski stunt. The jury’s still out on that one.

Through all the crazy stuff, legal hiccups, and personal breakdowns, Steve-O has risen like a phoenix from the ashes. His life is no cookie-cutter Hollywood story. It’s raw, unfiltered and all about guts and glory.