Daisy Ridley at the World premiere of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, USA on December 14, 2015.

Daisy Ridley’s Net Worth in 2023

Daisy Ridley’s Net Worth is $11 Million

Move over, Luke Skywalker! Daisy Ridley is here to save the galaxy. From pouring pints in a London pub to rocking it out with the Jedi, Daisy’s life has undergone quite the transformation. Her bank account has also undergone a transformation—as of 2023, she’s sitting on a cool $9 million. (We’re assuming she didn’t make that much at the pub.)

So how did Daisy Ridley leap from bartending to chilling out in the millionaire’s club? Hold onto your lightsaber because we’re about to get the low-down on her contracts, her cash flow, and a career destined for the stars.

NameDaisy Jazz Isobel Ridley
Net Worth$11 million
BirthplaceWestminster, London, U.K.
BirthdayApril 10, 1992 (Aries)
Height / Weight5 ft. 7 in. (170 cm)
Relationship statusMarried (to Tom Bateman)

A Star in the Making: Early Career and Breakthrough

Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley was born in the middle of London—Westminster, specifically—on April 10, 1992. She comes from a massive family that includes four sisters (two from her dad’s previous marriage). Despite their house being the “tired old one on the block” amid the fancier digs, Daisy’s family were all about the books, with her grandparents even having a chain of bookshops.

Daisy entered the world of performing arts when she was only nine after landing a scholarship to the Tring Park School for Performing Arts in Hertfordshire, England. It was here that she developed a talent for ballet, jazz, Latin American dancing, and tap for almost a decade. She can even belt out a tune, specializing in jazz and cabaret numbers with a stellar mezzo-soprano voice.

Graduation rolled around in 2010 and Daisy pursued acting as a career. She landed diverse roles in TV, film, and even music, in British shows like Youngers, Casualty from BBC, and Mr. Selfridge. But it was her casting in a little franchise called Star Wars that really got the ball rolling.

When Daisy snagged the role of Rey for the 2015 film, Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, she hit the big leagues and attained instant fame. And when the highly anticipated sequel hit the screens in December 2015, Ridley drew rave reviews for her performance while the film drew over $2 billion worldwide.

Reaping Galactic Returns: Revenues from ‘Star Wars’

Daisy Ridley was already a rising star, but playing Rey in the Star Wars sequel trilogy sent her soaring into another financial galaxy.

That said, her first Star Wars paycheck wasn’t exactly galactic levels of cash. She pocketed $450,000+ for The Force Awakens in 2015. But don’t overlook that ‘+’ sign. It means she got a sweet slice of the box office.

She undoubtedly earned more for the subsequent films, though the exact numbers aren’t available. According to the company that keeps her books, Fawks Ltd, Ridley pocketed over $16 million from the Star Wars trilogy.

A Galaxy Beyond ‘Star Wars’: Other Ways Daisy Ridley is Making Money

Daisy Ridley killed it as Rey in Star Wars, and earned an exorbitant amount of cash for her efforts. But did you know she also rakes in the bucks outside the cinema world? Thanks to her multifaceted talent—she can sing, she can dance—and her star power at the box office, she’s added more rivers to her money flow.

Let’s talk about a non-Star Wars movie Daisy starred in: Murder on the Orient Express. It made $350 million globally back in 2017. You bet she pocketed a hefty chunk of change for that performance, further fattening her bank account.

On top of acting, Daisy has also lent her name to other companies. In 2015, she provided the sweet English voice to some language-learning CDs in Japan.

Details about how much Ridley earns from these side gigs can be hard to come by, but what’s clear is that she’s on a path to diversify her dough. With her artistic chops and worldwide fame, she’s definitely got what it takes to land lucrative deals, like high-paying brand partnerships or pulling in royalties from licensed merchandise.

Jedi-level Assets and Charitable Endeavors

Despite having Star Wars bucks burning a hole in her pocket, Daisy likes to stay low-key, limiting her spending to the necessities.

Rumor has it that Daisy and her sweetheart Tom Bateman have put down roots somewhere in London’s Primrose Hill. Few details are available; Daisy keeps that stuff under lock and key. If you’re waiting for Daisy to pull up in a flashy sports car or jet off in a private plane, don’t hold your breath. Our girl is known for being grounded and practical.

Moving from what she owns to what she supports, Daisy Ridley puts her money and time where her heart is. One of her biggest charitable passions is the Force for Change’s OMAZE project, backed by Disney and Lucasfilm. It helps out UNICEF and the Starlight Children’s Foundation, two groups that look out for children around the world. Plus, fans could cash in on some sweet prizes, like scoring a sleepover at the epic Skywalker Ranch.

Beyond the Limelight: Personal Life of Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley has got showbiz in her blood. Her dad, Chris Ridley, shot pics for one of the most iconic music journals around: the NME. While her great-uncle, Arnold Ridley, OBE, was a successful playwright and actor, best known for his gig in the hit TV show Dad’s Army.

When it comes to any special persons in her life, Daisy’s lips are sealed. But the grapevine would have you believe she’s hooked up with actor Tom Bateman, her co-star from the awesome reboot of Murder on the Orient Express. And those matching rings on their fingers are kindling for wedding-bell rumors.

Stepping into Controversies: Major Events in Daisy Ridley’s Career

Daisy got caught in a whirlwind of drama following an interview with UK newspaper the Guardian. Reporters pinned her about whether attending a fancy school gave her an unfair advantage in showbiz. Daisy didn’t take that sitting down! She shot it down, arguing that being well-off didn’t really set her apart from her co-star, John Boyega, who was brought up in a not-so-posh neighborhood and is the child of Nigerian immigrants. Social media didn’t take her comments kindly.

Then, in 2019, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker dropped and Daisy bid farewell to her character Rey. She was disappointed the film didn’t earn the plaudits she was anticipating, pulling in the smallest bucks of her trilogy and racking up some of the franchise’s harshest reviews.