John Boyega attends the premiere of Disney's "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" on December 16, 2019 in Hollywood, California.

John Boyega’s Net Worth in 2023

John Boyega is worth $10 Million

This is all about John Boyega, a talented Brit who started shaking things up in Hollywood back in 2011. This Star Wars celeb’s story is proof that dreams can be attained—even if those dreams seem, like the stars, just out of reach. From the streets of South London to the lights of Tinseltown, John has a story that’s an inspiration.

From playing a leopard in a school gig to wowing us all as a rebellious stormtrooper in Star Wars, John’s journey wasn’t fueled by magic or luck. He has put in blood, sweat, and countless hours of grind.

Fast forward to today, Boyega’s killer acting chops and magnetic charisma have not only won him rave reviews but also packed his pockets nicely. As of 2023, John’s bank balance stands at $10 million. So, how did this lad from Peckham pull this off? Stick with us as we spill the beans on Boyega’s skyrocketing career, his handsome paychecks, and the epic legacy he’s building, on and off the big screen.

NameJohn Adedayo Bamidele Adegboyega
Net Worth$10 Million
BirthplaceCamberwell, London, England, UK
BirthdayMarch 17, 1992 (Pisces)
Height5 ft. 9 in. (175 cm)
Relationship statusUnavailable

From Peckham to a Galaxy Far, Far Away: John Boyega’s Star-Studded Journey

John Boyega’s journey from a humble neighbourhood to Hollywood is absolutely amazing. His fascination with performing sparked when he was just a five-year-old, playing a leopard in his first school play—cute, right? Growing up in an ordinary South London home in Peckham, his Nigerian parents recognized and embraced his artistic flair. They sent him to the local Theatre Peckham, where he stood out with his enthusiasm. A few years later, John earned a diploma in performing arts from South Thames College. He honed his skills further at the Identity School of Acting in Hackney.

All this hustle landed him his first major gig in the movie Attack the Block in 2011. The movie was a success and led the way to John’s role in the movie adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel Half Of A Yellow Sun.

But the massive game-changer arrived in 2015 when John snagged a role that would rocket him to inter-planetary fame. He would play Finn in the Star Wars sequels, beginning with The Force Awakens. Boyega’s portrayal as the Stormtrooper looking for absolution stole the hearts of people globally and signaled his grand entry into Hollywood.

‘Star Wars’ Earnings: John Boyega’s Staggering Wealth

John Boyega became a household name after landing the role of Finn in the Star Wars sequels. Not only did the role increase his fame, it undoubtedly increased his wealth.

For his part in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens in 2015, Boyega made $300,000. But that’s just the base salary, not including the bonuses he was awarded due to the film’s astounding success. Considering The Force Awakens made over $2 billion worldwide, Boyega stood to make a lot more than that original $300K.

Boyega would throw on Finn’s jacket for two more Star Wars flicks, The Last Jedi in 2017 and The Rise of Skywalker in 2019. Even though we don’t have the exact numbers, it’s an open secret that actors usually bag higher paychecks for sequels, especially if the first one killed it at the box office.

The fame and exposure he got from Star Wars set him up beautifully for a whole bunch of future acting gigs, sponsorships, and big-deal endorsements.

Diversifying Wealth: Beyond the Silver Screen

John Boyega, in the wake of his success in a galaxy far, far away, has set up his own production company, UpperRoom Entertainment. Better cash flow, more control over creative stuff, and he gets to support fresh talent, the endeavor is a testament to how versatile, focused, and business-minded John is.

He’s also had a hand in the endorsement game too. In the lead-up to the 2022 World Cup, Boyega was the face of an ad campaign for Lays, the snack company that’s part of PepsiCo. Given the scale of campaign, it definitely put a few more zeros on the end of his bank balance.

Luxury, Generosity, and John Boyega’s Notable Assets

Since hitting the big time, John Boyega has allowed himself the occasional splurge, starting with his wheels. He can now be seen waving to his fans from his Audi A6, Cadillac Escalade or a Range Rover Sport. You might also spot him in his McLaren 720 S—a ride of mind-blowing performance and drop-dead looks—assuming he slows down enough for you to do so.

Houses? Well he’s got that box ticked off too. The best real estate play he’s made so far? A sweet place he bought for his parents. A thanks-for-everything gift to the two people who’ve always had his back.

Boyega’s bank account isn’t the only thing that’s gotten bigger over time. He’s been spreading the love too, using his achievements to shine a light on those in need. He has a soft spot for children’s charities, popping in as his Star Wars character, Finn, at the Royal London Hospital. Bursting in with gifts, engaging in lightsaber play fights and delivering smiles—a feat of goodwill organized by Rays of Sunshine children’s charity.

He also visited Legacy Youth Zone, as part of an OnSide and Amazon UK initiative, donating a heap of tech gadgets, sports gear, art kits, and other goodies.

Behind the Scenes: John Boyega’s Personal Life

John Boyega was born in Peckham in south London to Nigerian immigrants Samson and Abigail Boyega. His father is a Pentecostal minister, while his mom works with people with disabilities.

On his way to stardom, John had to deal with the heartbreaking murder of his friend, 10-year-old Damilola Taylor, in the vicinity of John’s own home. John’s sister was the last friend to see Taylor alive, with the entire Boyega family shaken by the violence.

As for John’s love life, he seems a master of stealth. Every now and then, some rumors do pop up regarding romance, but in general he keeps any personal dramas under tight wraps.

What our man openly loves showcasing, though, is his deep connection to his African roots. He regularly dons traditional Nigerian attire for celebrity-laden bashes and speaks proudly with his UK-Nigerian accent.

Battles Beyond ‘Star Wars’: Controversies and Boyega’s Stand

Think the reel-life battles in Star Wars were intense? Wait until you hear about John Boyega’s real-life conflicts regarding the iconic series.

Let’s time travel to 2015 when Boyega got the big breakout role of Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Fan reactions? Not as epic as you’d expect, with some vowing to boycott the film due to the hiring of a black stormtrooper. This brutal intro to Hollywood didn’t get Boyega down though; he stood strong in the face of the ugly racial storm.

There was also a non-story drummed up by the media based upon a video of Boyega busting moves with a young female dancer at the Notting Hill Carnival. Yeah, one keyboard warrior had a problem with it. Thankfully, the rest of the internet was quick to dismiss the nonsense.

When the George Floyd protests kicked off, Boyega turned even more heads. He took to Twitter to deliver a virtual punch to the face of racists, with a hailstorm of support in response.

Boyega also criticized his Disney bosses for their handling of characters of color in the Star Wars universe. He accused them of exaggerating the characters’ importance to the storyline, using their skin color as a marketing ploy, then sidelining such characters, including his own once they had served their purpose. This started a huge conversation about representation in show business.