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Dolly Parton’s Net Worth in 2023: From Rags to Riches

Dolly Parton Net Worth is $670 Million

Everyone knows the iconic country queen Dolly Parton. But not everyone knows that she went from a super humble life to becoming an absolute legend in the music scene. And not only that, but she’s now one of the richest and most adored celebs around the world. Parton is worth a mind-blowing $670 million! Can you even imagine?

This badass lady started her life in a tiny one-room cabin in the heart of Tennessee, and just look at her now! But don’t get it twisted; Dolly didn’t become a multi-millionaire just like that. She has been putting in the work for six decades, crushing it in music, movies, and even some cool business ventures. So, let’s dive deep into the awe-inspiring adventure of Dolly Parton’s crazy wealth, what makes her bank account sing, her fab must-know possessions, personal life, and the major events that catapulted her to superstardom.

ProfessionSinger-songwriter, Actress, Businesswoman
Net Worth$650 million
BirthdayJanuary 19, 1946 (Capricorn)
Height5 ft (152 cm)
Relationship StatusMarried (to Carl Thomas Dean)

Dolly Parton’s Early Days and Big Break

So, back in the day (January 19, 1946, to be exact), Dolly Parton was born in Locust Ridge, Tennessee, and it didn’t take long for everyone to notice her love for music. As a kid, she was all about performing at local radio stations and church events with her family always cheering her on. Then along came her big break when she moved to Nashville and teamed up with Porter Wagoner, the incredibly popular country music singer and star of the Grand Ole Opry. Working with Wagoner was a total game-changer and brought with it nationwide fame. Just like that, her sensational music career was born.

With the help of RCA Records, Dolly and Porter came out with hit after hit. In 1974, Dolly decided to go solo, and BOOM, her career skyrocketed. She was even crowned the female singer of the year by the Country Music Association (CMA) in both 1975 and 1976, all thanks to iconic songs like “Jolene” and “Love Is Like a Butterfly.”

As if being a country music queen wasn’t enough, Dolly decided to dip her toes into the pop music scene and ended up taking home a Grammy Award in 1978 for her tune “Here You Come Again.” The CMA also named her the entertainer of the year.. Throughout her insane career, Dolly’s received well-deserved awards and recognition left and right, solidifying her as a true country music legend.

Dolly’s Money-Making Hits

With Dolly Parton’s mega hits like “Jolene,” “9 to 5,” and “I Will Always Love You,” she’s been raking in the dough from royalties and streaming cash for decades. As of now, she has more than 25 No. 1 hits on the country chart and over 100 million records sold, so Dolly’s fortune is definitely well deserved.

Just the revenue from her hits “9 to 5” and “Jolene” brought the country singer an estimated $6 to $8 million a year. And, Parton thought ahead with her music and held onto most of her music’s publishing rights, so she gets paid every time her songs are played, covered, or used in movies. That’s one of the largest contributors to her mind-blowing $20 million, especially when Whitney Houston covered “I Will Always Love You” for 1992’s The Bodyguard.

Plus, Dolly teamed up with Sony/ATV Music Publishing to represent her whole music catalog, which is like the cherry on top of her money-making pie.

Dolly’s Got Mad Hustle: Her Other Money-Making Work

Everyone would assume that Dolly Parton made all of her money from music, but she’s also got her hands in acting, business, and writing. Her filmography boasts of 22 movies since 1980, and sure, we don’t know exactly how much she’s made from all that screen time, but you bet it’s contributed to her wealth.

What’s her crown jewel, though? Dollywood, of course! If you haven’t hit up this must-visit theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee – you’re missing out. It rakes in around $252 million every year and Dolly owns half of it, with her share worth a reported $165 million.

Of course, Dolly doesn’t stop at Dollywood. She’s also got her dinner theater gig, Dolly Parton’s Stampede, in both Pigeon Forge and Branson, Missouri. And don’t forget, she’s a bestselling author, too! Her autobiography, “Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business,” flew off the shelves in 1994. Plus, she teamed up with James Patterson for the thriller “Run, Rose, Run” and dropped a companion album in 2022, so she’s still working hard for her money.

All these different income streams don’t just pad Dolly’s pockets, they make her straight-up legendary. The fact that she’s talented, business-savvy, and a versatile icon proves she’s got what it takes to keep slaying in the entertainment world.

Dolly’s Got It All, and She Gives Back!

Thanks to her successful career, Dolly Parton has had her hands on some notable possessions, including impressive real estate, sleek cars, and major business investments. Remember that Nashville house she owned with her hubby, Carl Dean? They bought it back in 1980 for 50k and flipped it for a cool 140k in 1996. And, get this – it just sold again in 2021 for a whopping $849,000! Dolly and Carl also built their dream pad in Brentwood, Tennessee and the property has everything they could possibly want, with hills, a stream, and enough privacy for them to roam free.

Now let’s talk cars. Dolly’s collection is no joke: a ’97 Cadillac D’Elegance that cost $39,995, a $44,825 Lincoln Nautilus, and an ultra-luxe $89,995 Mercedes-Benz GL Class SUV in cool obsidian blue.

However, Queen Dolly isn’t just into fancy stuff. She’s got a big heart too. Back in ’88, she started the Dollywood Foundation to focus on literacy and education. And, during the pandemic, she donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University for COVID-19 vaccine research, which helped create the Moderna vaccine. What a legend!

Dolly Parton really has it all – the success, the enviable possessions, but most importantly, she’s all about giving back and spreading love in the world.

Getting to Know Dolly: Her Personal Life

So, Dolly Parton’s life story is pretty wild. She was born in a tiny one-room cabin in Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains, and her parents, Avie and Robert, had their hands full with 12 kids. They didn’t have a lot of cash, but the family was all about music, and they loved being supportive of one another.

When she was barely 18, Dolly met her hubby, Carl Thomas Dean, while doing laundry in Nashville (how cute is that?). Two years later they got hitched in a low-key ceremony. They thought about having kids, but eventually decided to live as a dynamic duo instead.

Even though she’s a mega-star, Dolly’s kept her inner circle pretty tight. Her big sis Willadeene helped raise her, and her other sis, Stella, is a successful country singer, too. All in all, she’s got a rock-solid marriage, strong connections with her family, and she’s still killing it in her career.

Dolly’s Rock & Roll Drama!

So, 2022 was kind of wild for Dolly Parton. There was drama around her getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, because initially she requested to be removed from consideration. She felt guilty that she was taking the opportunity away from somebody else, but the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation insisted that she deserved the honor.

Dolly had a change of heart and finally said yes to being part of the Hall of Fame in October 2022. When she accepted the honor, she was super sweet, thanking her fans and fellow artists for their support and said she felt “humbled and honored.” This situation sparked a debate on whether country music even belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or if it’s an entirely different genre. But there’s no denying that Dolly’s a massive talent and has made a huge impact on musicians worldwide, and there’s nobody more deserving of the recognition.

Through all the ups and downs in her life and career, Dolly Parton has remained true to herself. That’s exactly why her fans and fellow musicians admire her so much and it’s clear that her incredible legacy will keep inspiring artists and dreamers for generations to come.