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Rick Ross’s Net Worth in 2023

Rick Ross is Worth $150 Million

Have you ever found yourself jamming out to Rick Ross while stuck in traffic, or at a house party, and suddenly wonder he ended up with all those millions in his back pocket? Well, here’s the scoop.

Rick entered the hip-hop scene in 2006, straight up flooring us with his debut album Port of Miami. This was no flash in the pan – his rhyme game was and still is remarkable. But what’s even more jaw-dropping is how he turned his killer music career into truckloads of cash.

It’s 2023, and Ross is sitting pretty on a whopping $150 million. And no, it wasn’t all just off selling albums and concerts.

Now, getting to the millionaire status didn’t happen overnight and it certainly wasn’t as smooth as his music. Ross’s story is gritty and real. His fortune is the prodigy of his business ventures, slick real estate deals, and, yeah, by being an absolute beast on the mic.

Ross has been smart with his money. He’s tossed some cash in the food industry and real estate game and—let’s just say—he’s reaping the benefits. It just goes to show that, to build up a fat wallet, you have to know when to spread the love, and, er… money.

NameWilliam Leonard Roberts II
ProfessionProfessional Rapper, Songwriter & Entrepreneur
Net Worth$150 Million
BirthplaceClarksdale, Mississippi, USA
BirthdayJanuary 28, 1976 (Aquarius)
Height6 ft (180 cm)
Relationship statusSingle

From Mississippi to Miami: Rick’s early career and breakthrough

Ross was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi, but the Miami sun is where he got his mojo. He was all about that hip-hop scene right from the get-go and his rap dreams took off when he joined the Carol City Cartel in the ’90s.

He rocked the name Teflon Da Don at first, and got his break appearing on the track “Ain’t Shhh to Discuss” on Erick Sermon’s mixtape, Def Squad Presents Erick Onasis. Mid-2000s, he switched up and took the name Rick Ross (all credits to old-school drug lord “Freeway” Rick Ross).

2006 was the golden year for Ross when he dropped his debut album Port of Miami (a cheeky nod to Florida’s notorious drug business). It instantly blew up, scoring No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with bangers like “Hustlin'” and “Push It”.

Ross has this knack for throwing his rugged life experiences into his tracks, which made his music stand out from the crowd. He bagged his first Grammy nod in 2011, for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for “I’m On One” with DJ Khaled, Drake, and Lil Wayne. His first solo nomination came in 2012 for Best Rap Album for God Forgives, I Don’t.

Revenues from Primary Career

Starting from the bottom and climbing to the very top of the hip-hop game, Rick Ross’s seriously impressive success story is what dreams are made of. His beats have not only earned him a ton of fans, but also a load of cash. We can’t say for sure how much dough he’s minted from his tracks, but what’s definite is his boss-like bank balance, with his record deals, album sales and killer concerts all contributing a big chunk.

When his first album Port of Miami hit the shelves back in 2006, Ross didn’t just make a splash, he made a tsunami, with the album hitting No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and turning him into a star almost overnight.

Then in 2009, Ross started the Maybach Music Group (MMG), one of the hottest record labels in hip hop. MMG gave Ross’s riches a boost by signing a bunch of super talented artists like Meek Mill, Wale and French Montana, which just kept his name in lights and the dollars rolling in.

Ross’s cash flow got a huge boost following the nominations and smokin’ hot chart-toppers, like his 2012 album God Forgives, I Don’t, which scored a Grammy nom and added a nice little bonus to his bottom line.

More Than Just Winging It: Rick’s other revenue streams

There’s no doubt that Rick Ross is top of his game when it comes to making music, but did you know he’s been stacking up some serious coin with his other business moves, too? He’s not just a rapper, he’s a full-on businessman as well.

You probably know he’s got a thing for buffalo wings what with owning at least 25 Wingstop joints, which are pulling in about $200K a year in sales. In 2014, he reportedly pocketed $7 million from those scrumptious wings.

And then, there’s his leap into the cannabis business. In 2020, he teamed up with international cannabis brand Cookies and introduced three of his own exclusive cannabis strains. Plus, he signed on as an equity partner, adviser, and spokesperson with Jetdoc, a telehealth startup in Florida, for cool $1 million.

To round out his impressive ventures, he got on the whisky wagon with THE DEACON Scotch in 2023 for which he serves as ambassador.

Paid In Cash: Rick’s notable possessions and philanthropy

Rick Ross is living the dream with some seriously cool toys to his name. This hip-hop big shot is legendary for his high-rolling ways, always ready to show off the latest additions to his crazy collection.

The crown jewel of Ross’s property empire has got to be his epic mansion in Fayetteville, Georgia, which comprises 54,000 square feet. The place has a whopping 109 rooms, including 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms. Oh, and it’s sat on over 200 acres of land. He scooped up this palace in 2014 for $5.8 million. And guess who owned it before him? Boxing legend Evander Holyfield.

Ross recently (in 2023) went large again and added another property to his name by buying up fellow rapper Meek Mill’s Atlanta pad. The price tag? A cool $4.2 million, all paid in hard cash. To add to his plush lifestyle, he shelled out an astounding $3.5 million in cash for a swanky estate in Southwest Ranches, Florida. This lush spot, previously owned by NBA big shot Amar’e Stoudemire, has a beautiful pool, outdoor space, home offices, a gym, a home theatre, six bedrooms, and seven bathrooms.

Ross’s collection of premium playthings also includes his very own private jet, a sleek 2012 Gulfstream G 550.

Ross is all about giving back, too. He’s a total boss in the charity scene. In 2022, he teamed up with Footlocker Miami to arm a bunch of kids with everything they needed to ace the school year. He’s even been out there with Habitat For Humanity, putting in the sweat to build homes for local heroes in Fayette County, Georgia.

In June 2023, Ross cut a check to keep a Georgia health clinic from shutting down. He donated more than $30,000 to the Fayette C.A.R.E Clinic, keeping its heartbeat going.

Beauties & Babies: Rick’s personal life

Ross, originally a Mississippi boy, was brought up by mother Tommie and father William Leonard Roberts Sr. After a short stint in Clarksdale, the family moved down to the sunny side of Miami, Florida. It was there that he developed his passion for music under the Florida sun, along with his sister, Tawanda Roberts. Ross graduated from Carol City Senior High School and then hightailed it to Albany State University in Albany, Georgia, a historically black university, to continue his education.

Ross’s romantic past features some big names like Tanzanian beauty Hamisa Mobetto and American power-ladies Lira Galore and Briana Camille. Sure, he’s kinda hush hush about his love life, but we know his heart isn’t just in his music – he’s got a beautiful family to prove it.

Speaking of family, Ross is a super-proud papa of four kids: Toie Roberts, William Roberts III, Berkeley Hermione Roberts, and Billion Leonard Roberts. His daughter Toie, is tracking her pop’s entrepreneurial path, breaking into the business world with her very own clothing line.

Crossing the Freeway: Major events and controversies in Rick’s life

While Rick Ross is known for his killer beats and awesome career, just like any Hollywood success story, there’s always a load of drama towards the top.

Ever heard of DJ Vlad, the YouTube hotshot? Back in 2011, he sued Ross for $4 million for assault and battery, claiming Mr. Ross set him up for a beatdown at the 2008 Ozone Awards for asking a bit too many questions about Ross’s past life as a correctional officer.

Plus, Ross had to tackle a legal battle with “Freeway” Ricky Ross — a former drug kingpin, no less! “Freeway” Ricky got fired up over Ross using, well, ‘Rick Ross’ in 2010. A string of lawsuits and appeals got tangled up in both federal and state courts until 2013, when the courts had to step in and put the matter to rest for good, siding with the rapper.

Rick didn’t manage to steer clear of legal trouble for long, though. In 2011, he was busted in Shreveport for marijuana possession, and again in 2014 when he played truant in court.

The biggest legal hurdle he faced was in 2015 when he was hauled in, along with his bodyguard, for kidnapping and assault charges. They were alleged to have forced a land keeper into a guesthouse and roughed him up with a handgun over unpaid dues. Eventually, Ross pled no contest to a felony count of aggravated assault in 2017, and the other charges were dropped. The hit to his wallet? A $10,000 fine, and he was slapped with 60 months’ probation.