CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 12, 2018: Michael B. Jordan attends the photocall for the 'Farenheit 451' during the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival

Michael B Jordan’s Net Worth in 2023

Michael B Jordan’s Net Worth is $25 Million

Michael B. Jordan has gone from minor roles in TV shows all the way up to Marvel’s epic Black Panther and has become one of Hollywood’s biggest game-changers. Born in sunny Santa Ana, California, on Feb. 9, 1987, Jordan has proven his range, taking on any character thrown at him. It’s no wonder he is worth $25 million in 2023.

Today, he’s one of the most cherished and profitable stars in Hollywood, renowned for his killer performances in blockbusters and award-winning films. But don’t mistake him for just a pretty face. Michael comes with a clever business mind, investing his money wisely to keep his bank balance healthy.

NameMichael Bakari Jordan
ProfessionActor and Film Producer
Net Worth$25 Million
BirthplaceSanta Ana, California, USA
BirthdayFebruary 9, 1987 (Aquarius)
Height6 ft. (183 cm)
Relationship StatusSingle

The Rise of a Star: Michael B. Jordan’s Early Career and Breakthrough

Michael B. Jordan was a Californian kid before moving to New Jersey before he had even mastered his first steps. His parents had high hopes for him, evident from his middle name, ‘Bakari’, which is Swahili for ‘noble promise’.

That promise was initially geared towards a career in child modeling. But in 1999, Jordan entered the acting world, snagging roles in an episode of The Sopranos and the movie Black and White. His acting skills even got him on the baseball field when he hit a home run and appeared in the film Hardball with Keanu Reeves. Then, in 2002, his career took off like a ball headed for the upper deck.

He stirred things up playing Wallace, a drug dealer teen in The Wire and soon charmed his way onto the soap All My Children. He kept adding badges to his acting sash with spot-on performances in a slew of TV roles, including a high-school quarterback Vince Howard on the popular series Friday Night Lights in 2009, and Alex, a recovering alcoholic, on NBC’s Parenthood.

Michael B. Jordan’s big ticket to Hollywood fame was his heart-rending performance in Fruitvale Station where he portrayed Oscar Grant, the victim of a controversial police shooting. His performance was so moving that it earned him the Breakthrough Actor award at the 2013 National Board of Review Awards. He had become a big Hollywood player.

Striking Gold in Hollywood: Revenues from Michael B. Jordan’s Acting Career

Jordan doesn’t do things by halves. From setting the screen on fire as the Human Torch in Fantastic Four to bringing history to life in Red Tails, a film about the first African-American flying squadron during the Second World War, he kept proving he’s the real deal and worthy of bigger and bigger paychecks.

Just look at the Creed series. Jordan was all in on those films. Thanks in part to his dedication, the first installment drew $173.6 million. And the second? It raked in $214.1 million in 2018.

Jordan got in on the Marvel action in Black Panther, which snagged an earth-shattering $1.347 billion in 2018. And rumor has it that Jordan himself walked away with $2 million for playing the villain Killmonger.

Jordan pocketed $3 million-$4 million for Creed II, and even jumped behind the camera for Creed III, taking home $5 million. But Michael truly scored big with Amazon Prime’s Without Remorse. He collected $15 million, up front. That was in 2021—we can only imagine the salary he’ll draw for his next projects.

Branching Out: Michael B. Jordan’s Alternative Revenue Sources

Michael B. Jordan isn’t just about those blockbuster movies, he’s got a slew of side gigs: successful businesses, wise investments, and some good-looking sponsorship deals. Proof that his talents are far from being one-dimensional.

Jordan also dipped his toes into the world of sports (perhaps influenced by his role in Creed?). He has put $120 million on AFC Bournemouth of the English Premier League, snatching up some minority rights for the club and giving himself a nice little boost in the process. Plus, he’s one of the investors who bought a 24% piece of the Formula 1 team, Alpine Racing, a move rumored to have lifted the team’s value to $900 million.

Jordan’s also been poking around in the startup scene. He teamed up with Chad Easterling to launch Obsidianworks, a marketing agency that gives global brands a place to tell stories that represent diverse audiences.

And the guy just keeps on giving. Jordan’s magnetism is evident by his winning streak of endorsement deals. He’s got big names like Acura, Coach, Dior, and Givenchy on his side, promoting everything from luxury goodies to video games, bringing in even more dough. He also scored a long-term sponsorship deal with Propel Fitness Water, a Gatorade spinoff, which values the creative process and a healthy lifestyle.

A High Life: Michael B. Jordan’s Notable Possessions and Philanthropy

Let’s start with his properties; he’s got quite the collection! Back in 2015, MBJ dropped $1.7 million on a place in affluent Sherman Oaks. A few years later, he snapped up a Hollywood Hills property—previously owned by Daisy Fuentes—for $5.9 million; he then flipped it for $7 million. His latest splurge? A $12.5-million mansion in L.A., big enough to house a small army with its eight bedrooms.

Jordan’s also got himself quite the car-candy stash. This car enthusiast is rocking everything from an Audi R8 and Cadillac Escalade to a Dodge Challenger and an Acura NSX.

It’s his efforts to make the world a better place that really make MBJ even more admirable. He regularly shows love or such charities as Blackout For Human Rights, putting his fame to good use in addressing serious issues.

He also has his annual event, the MBJAM, for which he rallies his celeb buddies and fans for a good cause: fighting lupus, a condition that has afflicted his mother.

Behind the Scenes: Michael B. Jordan’s Personal Life

Outside of the Hollywood glitz and glam, Michael B. Jordan is tight with his family. Along with his mom, Donna Davis, who was a high school counselor, and his dad, Michael A. Jordan, the actor lives in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, in a house he bought. You may have even seen them all cozying up for a holiday Coach campaign in 2020.

In the love department, Jordan played things close to the chest. There were rumors he was dating Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey’s daughter. The rumors gave way to fact when the relationship was made official in January 2021, though reports of a split circulated a year and a half later.

Navigating Through Storms: Controversies in Michael B. Jordan’s Journey

Success has a flip side. No matter how high you climb, you’re bound to hit a few bumps on the road.

For Jordan, one bump appeared in 2021 in the form of his new rum gig, J’Ouvert. To give some context, J’Ouvert is a special occasion in Trinidad and Tobago, celebrated annually to mark the end of slavery and the kickoff of Carnival. When Michael used the name for his rum, it rubbed some people the wrong way and sparked a debate about cultural appropriation.

Even Nicki Minaj, who has roots in Trinidad, joined the conversation about the rum branding. But Michael was quick to react. He posted a public apology on Instagram and reassured everyone that they were already brainstorming new names for the rum.

Back in 2015, Michael released a Snapchat post that many interpreted as saying he believed “All Lives Matter,” which some people took as downplaying issues faced by the Black community. Jordan quickly set the record straight in an open letter, saying he’s been a vocal supporter of the #BlackLivesMatter movement since the beginning.