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Meek Mill’s Net Worth in 2023

Meek Mill ‘s Net Worth is $35 Million

Do you want to know what it takes to go from hustling on the mean streets to rolling in the big bucks? Ask Meek Mill. Here’s been there, done that. Born as Robert Rihmeek Williams, Meek managed to play with the hand he was dealt in the rough ‘hoods of North Philly, rise up the rap music ranks, and stack up a fortune while at it.

As of 2023, the rough estimate of his net worth stands at $35 million, a mind-blowing bump from the humble $800K he was worth back at the turn of the millennium.

Meek Mill’s story moves from a broke young rapper to a platinum-selling rap sensation and boss man. This cash climb showcases a story of dogged ambition, relentless hustle, and major talent. Want to add a few commas to your bank account? Here’s how it’s done.

NameRobert Rihmeek Williams
ProfessionRapper/ Songwriter
Net Worth$35 Million (as of 2023)
BirthplacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
BirthdayMay 6, 1987 (Taurus)
Height6 ft. 2 in. (188 cm)
Relationship statusSingle

The Blaze of Meek Mill’s Early Life and Breakthrough

Before he was globally known as Meek Mill, he started off as Robert Rihmeek Williams, born in Philadelphia on May 6, 1987. The early chapters of his story take place on the hard-knock streets of North Philly, where reality hit him quicker than most. He lost his dad when he was only five, putting his family in a tough spot. His mom hustled to make ends meet, juggling jobs and even resorting to shoplifting for the survival of her family.

Still, there was always this streak of brightness in Meek—his love for music. Hip hop was therapeutic. At just 14, he was already spitting bars in public and getting into street rap beefs in his hometown. In 2004, when his rap game started to blossom, he linked up with the local crew, Bloodhoundz. This move was his ticket to rock the stage at a popular local spot, the Blue Horizon.

But 2008 was the real game-changer. When he dropped his first mixtape, Flamers, no one could ignore his raw talent. He turned heads, including Charlie Mack‘s – a one-time bodyguard for Will Smith. Charlie signed him up for management in 2009. Not too long after, rap royalty Rick Ross caught his performance at a college show and signed the young artist to his Maybach Music Group and Warner Bros. It was just the turbo boost Meek needed to reach stardom.

In 2011, Meek earned plaudits for his verses on the Self Made Vol. 1 mixtape, featuring on more than half of the songs. His spotlight moment was cemented with his debut album, Dreams and Nightmares, which dropped in 2012. The album snagged the #2 spot on the Billboard 200 and would eventually reach platinum status.

Meek Mill’s Earnings from Music Career

Meek’s bread and butter is his rap and songwriting gig, with most of his dough coming from album sales, singles, playing gigs, his YouTube videos, and those sweet, sweet endorsement deals.

The money started rolling in with the release of Dreams and Nightmares, which would sell over 414,000 copies and put $4.5 million in Meek’s pocket. And his singles, “All Eyes on You” and “R.I.C.O”, were not just fan faves, they sold a million copies each. His songs do well on YouTube, too, bringing in $5.4 million collectively.

Beyond his recordings, Meek is making serious cash from his live gigs. As of 2016, his performances have raked in $13.2 million.

What’s so refreshing about Meek is that he’s not shy about talking money. He’s upfront about the fact he only got 13% of the earnings from his album Expensive Pain. But that hasn’t dampened his spirit. He’s gunning to make $10 million from all his future albums.

Big Streams from Meek Mill’s Alternative Revenues

First up, Meek is riding the crypto wave. He chucked $50,000 at Dogecoin, a digital dollar everyone was discussing. This isn’t just about hopping on trends, it shows Meek is doing his research and has got the smarts for solid, diverse investments.

He has also strolled into the fashion game. Along with big shots like Jay-Z, Lil Baby, and Michael Rubin, he bought a piece of the sports apparel company, Mitchell & Ness—a $250-million deal.

Meek and his buddy Rick Ross then auctioned off publishing rights to a seven-year-old catalog with tracks from both of them. They raked in $41,000 for the lifetime royalties of those hits.

Then there was his record label deal with Roc Nation, which reportedly netted him $100 million. He has since gone his own way in order to, as he says, handle his own business so he can take risk and grow.

Meek Mill’s Ritzy Belongings and Cool Charitable Works

Meek has some killer real estate under his belt, especially in Atlanta. He had a massive dream house there with eight bedrooms, a tennis court, and an assortment of other high-end real-estate goodies. He sold it to friend Rick Ross for $4.2 million.

Meek also has a garage full of luxury cars. We’re talking a Rolls-Royce Ghost, Bentley Flying Spur, Lamborghini Urus, and a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class—just to give you a sense of the quality of his mean machines. These beauties are worth more than money though; they’re a testament to how far he’s come in his career.

Speaking of which, Meek is no stranger to charity and helping out those less fortunate. He stepped up big time for a lymphoma patient named Gillian Chrisphonte by covering her medical bills. Plus, he, along with Kevin Hart and 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, gave $15 million to Philadelphia communities to help less fortunate kids afford private and parochial schools.

His inner Santa comes out for the yuletide season. Meek brings cheer to his hometown with swag-filled events and massive contributions to the Philadelphia chapter of the 12 Days of Christmas organization, easing the struggle many families encounter over the holidays.

A Glimpse into Meek Mill’s Personal Life

Meek Mill is a big name in rap but what about life behind the name? When he was just a kid, his dad was killed and the family was thrown into a real money crisis. Growing up with his tireless mom in North Philly, Meek found his sweet escape in hip hop while they hustled to keep afloat.

On the love front, Meek’s had his share of romances, including a dramatic two-year stint with fellow rapper Nicki Minaj. Their relationship was all over every gossip column and shook up his celeb status a fair bit. He also dated Milan Harris, a fashion designer; together they have a kid. Although they’ve split, they’re committed to raising their son together.

Aside from his son with Harris, Meek’s a father to two other kids: Murad and Rihmeek. He and his kids’ mom, Fahimah Raheem, make excellent co-parents. Knowing what it was like to grow up tough, Meek’s set on giving his children a better life.

And from the ‘didn’t see that coming’ files, Meek’s not just about creating rap hits; he’s also hit the books. After dropping out of high school in the 10th grade, he later realized education’s worth and headed off to college, highlighting the power of learning for self-growth.

As for friends, Meek and rap legend Jay Z are pretty tight. Their bromance extends far beyond the music scene, with several collabs and investments strengthening their friendship over the years.

Striking a Chord: Meek Mill’s Legal Challenges and Social Impact

As much as Meek Mill’s name is associated with hip hop it has at times been more closely linked with legal trouble. In particular are matters that involve gun and drug possession charges, misdemeanors, and parole violations, among others.

Ten years of drama kicked off in 2007 when he was arrested on drug and weapons charges, convicted the next year, and spent the next decade dealing with parole violations and prison stints. Meek claims the judge was biased against him, which led to a national uproar. Between lawyer fees and lost income, Meek estimates he’s lost $30 million.

Meek not only survived the legal matters, he would eventually thrive. He’s using his experiences to drive change in our justice system. He co-founded with Jay Z the REFORM Alliance, an advocate group fighting for real change in the broken probation and parole systems. His story got us all talking about why our criminal justice system needs a reboot, turning Meek from a popular rapper to a recognized social justice warrior.