vANNA WHITE Net worth

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Full Name: Vanna Marie Rosich Television presenter, businesswoman

Like so many of us, she had big dreams; she pursued those dreams after graduating high school, bouncing off to Atlanta, Georgia. Here, she studied at the Atlanta School of Fashion and Design and kicked off her career in showbiz as a model.

Wheel of Fortune churns out six episodes a day for four days each month. That’s 288 episodes in just 48 working days! With that pace, our girl Vanna pulls in a mind-blowing $10,416.67 an episode, which is a hefty $62,500 paycheck per day of work.

She’s done an enormous amount of charity work, especially for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. To date, she’s shelled out $1.8 million to this incredible cause and doesn’t plan on stopping her feel-good contributions after retiring. 

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