Rapper Young Thug performs at the 2nd annual V103 Winterfest on December 10th 2016 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia- USA

Young Thug’s Net Worth in 2023

Young Thug’s Net Worth is $8 Million

Young Thug is rolling in dough, leaving his mark in rap, and stealing the show with his crazy-good fashion style—and accumulating an $8-million net worth while he’s at it. Our vibrant, flamboyant rapper isn’t just about the money, though. His talent and hustle have propelled him from Atlanta’s streets to rap stardom.

But Thug’s not just about the music, he’s also shaking things up in the fashion world. He seamlessly (pun intended) blends male and female clothes like it’s no big deal and has walked the walk as a style icon in his early career, earning applause wherever he has gone. His infectious charisma and off-the-wall style—bolstered by his soaring fame—make a chunky difference to his bank account. Young Thug hasn’t just walked (or rather, rapped) his way to millionaire status—he’s also making waves, smashing boundaries and totally shaking up what it means to be a hip-hop artist in today’s world.

NameJeffery Lamar Williams
ProfessionRapper, Singer, and Songwriter
Net Worth$8 Million (as of 2023)
BirthplaceAtlanta, Georgia, USA
BirthdayAugust 16, 1991 (Leo)
Height6 ft. 3 in. (191 cm)
Relationship statusEngaged

Getting Started and Hitting it Big

Young Thug, a kid from the tough parts of Atlanta, hustled his way to the top of the hip-hop world, putting out killer tracks and records that no one saw coming. As a young Jeffery Lamar Williams, he developed his passion for music and rhymes while facing all sorts of struggles and hardships. His musical career first took flight when he released his mixtape I Came from Nothing that totally wowed Gucci Mane. Thug’s talent left Gucci so shell-shocked that he instantly signed him onto his label, introducing Thug to the big leagues.

His career really started to heat up in 2013. Thug dropped another mixtape, 1017 Thug, under Gucci’s label to rave reviews. It made the cut for Pitchfork: Albums of the Year, while his earworm “Pichacho” from the same album also landed on Rolling Stone‘s and Spin’s lists of the best songs of 2013. Both the commercial gains and critical applause put Thug on the map as a hot and happening rap star.

Thug’s real moment in the spotlight was in 2014 when he dropped the singles, “Stoner” and “Danny Glover.” The tracks set the charts on fire, boosting Thug’s image even more in the mainstream. That same year, he got snapped up by Lyor Cohen’s 300 Entertainment, which further stoked his out-of-the-box creativity. Despite the madness of fame and success, Thug continued to make his mark in his signature style: real and unrefined.

In Business: Thug’s Revenues from Primary Career

Across the years, Thug has proven his talent for mixing musical styles. In doing so, he has concocted the perfect recipe for serious cash. It’s no wonder he’s made a bundle from album sales, epic collabs, concert and tour revenue.

With laudable songwriting chops and unique lyrical style, Thug’s tracks are flying off the real and virtual shelves. He also rakes in some major green from teaming up with massive music celebs. These star-studded duets not only boost his fame but also significantly amp up his income.

In terms of streaming, he’s banking nearly a million dollars a year from Spotify alone, highlighting just how much his fanbase lives in the digital world. Speaking of which, he is a YouTube celeb as well. His high-profile videos pull in massive numbers, padding his wallet by roughly half a million per year. With paydays from music sales, performances, collabs, and streaming all squarely in his corner, Young Thug is sitting pretty as one of the top-earning artists of our era.

In the Reservoir: Thug’s Other Sources of Revenue

When he’s not dropping sick beats, Young Thug’s got his eyes on bigger financial pies. He keeps it savvy with his cash, running it through different money-making machines like investments and sponsorships.

Prime example? His bold move into real estate. Young Thug scored a swath of land in Atlanta, Georgia, setting out to build his very own “Slime City”. This isn’t just about the money; it’s about showing off his business chops.

He’s also riding the endorsement wave, pairing up with big-time brands like Avianne Jewelers, Calvin Klein, Fendi, and Icebox Diamonds and Watches. These glamorous gigs deals are padding his piggy bank and weaving his name into the fabric of high fashion.

Plus, he has signed a worldwide publishing deal with the indie publisher, Reservoir. This means he’s guaranteed money every time we jam to his tunes or someone samples his tracks.

Notable Possessions and Philanthropic Efforts

Young Thug’s been a high roller, picking up for himself some seriously cool stuff, thanks to his success. His epic mansion in the Buckhead area of Atlanta features a cinema, numerous living rooms, seven bedrooms, and nine bathrooms. The place is on the market for $3.1 million.

His car game is also on fire, with flames in the form of a 2022 Rolls-Royce Cullinan worth $350,000, a 2022 Mercedes-Maybach S600 at $335,000, and a 2021 Lamborghini Urus that most likely cost Thug $230,000.

But don’t get it twisted. Thug isn’t just about splashing cash. He’s got a big heart. He’s all about giving back and doing good. Back in 2017, for instance, he gave every single penny from his Terminal 5 NYC gig to Planned Parenthood. In 2021, he and hip-hop partner Gunna bailed out 30 inmates from the Fulton County Jail because they didn’t have the funds for their bonds.

Personal Life

Jeffery Lamar Williams was born on August 16, 1991, in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, Thug was just one of 12 kids. Raised mostly by his mom, Thug knew tough times. He grew up poor and no stranger to violence—one of his older brothers was killed right outside their Atlanta home as a result of his involvement in gambling. Nothing was sugarcoated for Thug, and all those rough and tumble experiences poured into his music later on, giving it that raw, real edge.

When he’s not slaying it on stage, Young Thug is busy being a dad to six kids from four different women. His brood is kept out of the public eye, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a doting dad. Thug makes sure his children have the best of everything: safe homes, quality education, everything they need. Despite being glitzed out in fame and fortune, he’s determined not to be just some celebrity father; he’s completely invested in being there for his kids.

And let’s not forget his fiancée, Jerrika Karlae. They’ve been engaged for a few years, and even though they’ve hit some bumps in the road in the form of infidelity rumors, they’re sticking it out and going strong.

Major Events and Controversies

Young Thug’s biggest career snag has been the legal troubles coming at him from all sides that put him—albeit temporarily—behind bars. He was actually hit with a 56-count indictment in 2022, along with 28 others, because it was thought by the Fulton County district attorney that his record label, YSL (Young Slime Life), was behaving like a street gang. They even read his lyrics aloud in court, trying to use his music against him, which of course stirred up a ton of talk about free speech and protecting music as an art form.

Despite being stuck in legal limbo, Thug was held up for over a year behind bars, up until July 2023. He tried to get out on bond four times, but they shut him down three times, claiming he was a risk to the community. He is still waiting on the trial to start because of the sheer volume of evidence on the side of the prosecution, and the media hype that has made jury selection difficult.

In this wild ride filled with ups and downs, Young Thug’s not only shaken up the music world but also become a lightning rod for debates about how art and the law can cross wires. And through it all, he’s stayed strong, adding another chapter to his ever-changing story as an artist.